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Hi, I'm Rachel. 

In some worlds, I am known as a Business Transformation Strategist. In my world, I create Women of the 21st Century.  
I teach business owners and entrepreneurs simple strategies to run their business with ease and efficiency so that they can live their life in the present. 

I'm Rachel Aiken, Business Transformation Strategist and founder of Simple Strategies, and I am delighted you're here. I'm a former Secondary School Teacher and Project Manager turned Online Business Strategist after the daily life of teaching no longer worked with my raising a family. 

Building a business hasn't always been easy and after working with 6 and 7 figure businesses I have seen plenty of good and bad examples of doing so. 

On my journey, I have found that there are plenty of courses and tools out there to help you with finding clients, marketing and getting started. I have still yet to find anything that helps you with building a business that will last- the right foundations.


So, Simple Strategies was born. I teach action takers get the right things in place- at the right time so that they can build a business with ease and efficiency so that they can be present with their family, rather than becoming burnt out and unsure of their fit on this beautiful journey of entrepreneurship.



Simple Strategies is my signature programme where I teach you how to lay the foundations and manage your business following a step by step process.


This is a live teaching programme, using all the teaching techniques I have learned so you feel empowered to run your business with ease and efficiency. 

My Spotlight Strategy Consultations are ideal if you have a handle on your business and you need help with HOW to get to the next step.


Held online and recorded with a full follow up so that you feel confident with the next steps on your business journey. 

Ali Cottrell

Textile Designer

The 90-day plan you’ve created for me is so much more thorough than I expected and will help me work towards my bigger goals and hold me accountable. 

This is exactly what I needed to help me take my growing business to the next level. 

Marielle Legair

PR and Publicity Specialist

I hired Rachel to support me in my online business in 2018. Rachel is a pleasure to work with, not only does she have a keen eye for detail but she gives lots of invaluable strategic ideas too.


She is a great addition to any team. If you're thinking about hiring her, do it!

Alison Jones

Leadership Development Coach

She's really down to earth and a good communicator.


If you're looking to get your ducks in a row and manage the day to day operations of your business I couldn't think of anyone better than Rachel