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Education, resources and programs for female coaches and consultants looking for a freedom based online business

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Hey! I'm
Rachel Aiken 

Former Certified Online Business Manager, turned Minimalist Business Strategist. Mum of two. Often found with my head in a book, or an online course. Travelling junkie (moved 7 times in the past ten years.... with kids!)

I am passionate about simplifying online business for female coaches who want a freedom-based business. 


simple workweek workshop

Take your first step towards work-life balance by designing your simple workweek. In this workshop, you'll build out what you need to do, how long for and how often. 


lead with simplicity

Our signature program teaches you to simplify your coaching and consulting business, build your authority and create an impact to grow your business. 

simplify in a day

Want 1:1 support to simplify your business? In just a few hours together I can take you from overwhelmed to calm and confident, with a cohesive plan for the next 90 days. 

Grow your business
Dr Rossanna Massey

they said

Client wins

You're one step away from having the business and life of your dreams...

My business has boomed - it has expanded incredibly, more than it ever has in the 15 years that I have been in business. Thank you, Rachel!

Dr Rossanna Massey

Minimalist Business Diaries

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There has never been a better time to be an online coach or consultant

This is exactly what everyone keeps telling you.... and then you see Forbes predicting that the online education industry will be worth $325 million by 2025. 

And you want to be part of that too!


But how?


You want to create change in the world with the knowledge that you have. You know there are people out there who need to hear what you've got to say. 

But you not sure where to even start. And the courses and programs you've found have a cookie-cutter approach - a 'one size fits all' and none of them feels quite right for where you want to go.

And then there seems to be so many people offering the same thing....

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The best way to stand out from the crowd is with a business led by you and your uniqueness

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Because your business is unique, just like you.


And I believe growing and scaling your business can be just as unique AND be in alignment with the EXPERT that you are.

And it doesn't need to come at a cost.


When you LEAD with Simplicity you: 

- become confident with your next steps

- make the impact you are here to make

- create your own work life business

Free Training

Uncover the 3 common mistakes that most coaches and consultants make, why putting you at the heart of your business is key to success AND the 3 steps to a simple business.