I'm Rachel

Minimalist Business Strategist and firm believer of the saying 'Less is More'

ESPECIALLY in business

I help coaches and consultants simplify their online business and

have the freedom to live the life they want.


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Let me guess, 

  • you've worked your entrepreneurial butt off

  • wowed your clients,

  • hit six figures

and now you're ready to scale.


But how?


Every next level program and course you find all have one flaw...


they use a cookie-cutter approach - a 'one size fits all' and none of them feels quite right for where you want to go.

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Image by Leone Venter

I get it, 

I know, your business is unique, just like you.


And I believe scaling your business can be just as unique AND be in alignment with the EXPERT that you are.

And it doesn't need to come at a cost.


When you LEAD with simplicity you: 

- put who YOU are at the centre of your business

- have a greater impact on your clients

- transform your own life

The best way to stand out from the crowd is with a business led by you and your uniqueness

Work with me 

Courses and Programs for service-based business owners 

Strategic Consulting for established businesses, 

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Dr Rossanna Massey

they said

Here's what some of my lovely clients have had to say....

You're one step away from having the business and life of your dreams...

My business has boomed - it has expanded incredibly, more than it ever has in the 15 years that I have been in business. Thank you, Rachel!

Dr Rossanna Massey

I'm Rachel 

and my story goes a little

like this ........

I left my 15+ yr career in the Education Sector when it no longer worked with raising my family.


So I joined the online business world and started again, rapidly working my way to becoming a successful Certified Online Business Manager to 6, 7 and 8 fig coaches.


I soon realised that the 'hustling' way of working didn't work- particularly for Women and so sought a simpler way of doing business...

And I haven't looked back since..


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