Hey there!

I'm Rachel, The Minimalist Business Coach.

I teach freedom seeking business owners how to simply grow their business with minimal input while maximising impact.



Get the free guide that I use to plan my day in just 5 minutes here: 

Through my signature program- Minimalist Business™ I teach women like you how to 

  • OWN your business

  • bypass the overwhelm

  • create success

  • make a bigger impact

  • get to the next level


so that you can live a life of true freedom.​



Publicity and Personal Brand Strategist

Rachel is a pleasure to work with, not only does she have a keen eye for detail but she gives lots of invaluable strategic ideas too.


Textile Designer

Rachel has helped me work towards my bigger goals and hold me accountable. 

This is exactly what I needed to help me take my growing business to the next level. 


Alison Jones Coaching

She's really down to earth and a good communicator.


If you're looking to get your ducks in a row I couldn't think of anyone better than Rachel

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