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Rachel Aiken, sitting at desk typing. Text overlay says Sustainably scale your group program, become an Industry Leader & create your LEGACY OF EXCELLENCE

Strategic Consulting

 1:1 program consulting and business strategy for established businesses who are looking for tailor made solutions
Sometimes you just need someone to come into your business, diagnose the problem and create the specific step by step solution you need to get it done and then leave. 
Welcome to strategic consulting.

Here are just some of the problems I can help with...​

- You want to expand the delivery capacity of your signature program and bring on more clients so you can expand your impact and income, but you fear you’ll be disliked because surely the results have to come from you.


- You want to raise your prices so you can invest more in growth but doesn’t that mean adding more value to your clients? And how are you going to do that when you’re already doing all the things?


- You know that although there are certain pieces of your program delivery that YOU LOVE to do, you know that you need to hand them off to someone else so you can have more time to be a true CEO and sit in your 'zone of genius' but how do you do that when you've made every possible hire you can think of.

How it works

STEP 1: Book a discovery call

- we'll talk through your biggest problem and ensure I can definitely help you.

- we'll get you onboarded and book in your diagnosis call.

STEP 2: 75 min Diagnosis Call

- where we dive deep into the details of your problem and how its showing up in your business. 

- where necessary, I will then dig into the specific area of your business as part of our diagnosis. 


- I'll then identify the solution- and create an action plan with all the strategic steps needed to make it happen.

- we'll have a quick call to answer any questions

STEP 4: Taking action

- We’ll then use the plan as the basis for our action calls; you’ll have 2 a month, where we have a specific focus for accountability, troubleshooting and decision making, so that we can make it happen quicker than if you were on your own. 

- I’ll also review any work you complete outside of our calls, plus share any templates and resources you may need as we go. 

- You'll also have a dedicated slack channel for all those questions you and your team have in between calls. 

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The Investment

Exclusive done with you 1:1 business consulting & strategic support including: 

  • A 75 minute 1:1 Diagnosis call- so we can identify the problem

  • A bespoke solution- and a Strategic Action Plan detailing the step by step to make it happen

  • 2 calls a month for the duration of your plan, for troubleshooting, accountability and decision making

  • Private Slack Channel with Mon- Fri support for all those in between questions 

ONLY £750 a month

Min 3 month contract

(payments are also available in USD)


Hi! I’m Rachel,

I've been strategising with online businesses since 2018 and have combined it with my 15 years of expertise in the UK education sector so that I can guide you in transforming your business. 

I know that sometimes you just need help with a specific problem from an expert. And that is exactly what I offer with strategic consulting. 

My friends describe this service as 'being like Mary Poppins. Turning up, solving the problem and then leaving- without anyone else having to know I've been there'. 

Working with Rachel was such a joy. She helped me develop an idea that had been kicking around in my head for over a year. And gave me the step by step on how to move forward with it. If you’re waffling about trying to figure out your next steps in developing your program, talk to Rachel. 

Sarah Khan- Corporate Rehab
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The qualifiers 

  • have an existing group program that is getting results AND is scalable

  • are making $300K (or more) per year in annual revenue

  • you've done inner work before and you know its not done yet (new level, new devil)

  • are mission led and willing to disrupt the status quo with your thought leadership/way of doing things

  • have a small team (can be made up of freelancers)

  • you're willing to try new things

  • take 100% ownership for driving results

  • you're in business to truly help a lot of people AND make a lot of money

  • you're more concerned with HOW you make your money rather than how much. 

You've got questions, I've got answers

Rachel, you’re UK based and I live in the US- can we work together?

Yes! All of our work is done virtually. The majority of my clients are in GMT, EST and CST time zones. If you are in the US, our calls will be in the morning (your time). Payments are also available in USD. 

Why do I need to complete an application when I schedule a call?

We're both busy people, so by getting you to fill out key questions before we speak, I can make sure that we're not wasting your time if you're not a right fit. If you do look like a good fit it means when we get on a call I can answer more of your questions. 

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