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Rachel Aiken, sitting at desk typing. Text overlay says Sustainably scale your group program, become an Industry Leader & create your LEGACY OF EXCELLENCE

Love Your Legacy

Exclusive 1:1 consulting for ambitious women who are ready to create a legacy in alignment with who you are and through your group programs- so you can change the world. 
Rachel Aiken, Group Program Consultant leaning against wall wearing black jumper and leopard print skirt with laptop in hand.


Being known for transformational programs that deliver outstanding results for your clients AND

  • creates predictable monthly revenue

  • gives you more time to do what you love AND deepen your expertise

  • attracts aligned clients because the results speak for themselves

  • runs like clockwork because you've got the right systems and support in place- that work!

  • is the basis for driving change and innovation in your industry

  • propels YOU as an industry thought leader

A 6 month done with you (and your team) experience where we elevate your existing programs AND your business into the life changing adventure you always thought possible-
but seemed just out of reach

You're making six to seven figures and you chose to scale with a group program because you love seeing your clients get results...

and now you're ready to create a bigger impact


However, you thought that by now it would be easier- because yes, you've got more income but you also thought you'd have more time and more influence. 


BUT the idea of doing MORE feels exhausting. 

You want to expand the delivery capacity of your signature program and bring on more clients so you can expand your impact and income, but you fear you’ll be disliked because surely the results have to come from you.


You want to raise your prices so you can invest more in growth but doesn’t that mean adding more value to your clients? And how are you going to do that when you’re already doing all the things?


You know that although there are certain pieces of your program delivery that YOU LOVE to do, you know that you need to hand them off to someone else so you can have more time to be a true CEO and sit in your 'zone of genius' but how do you do that when you've made every possible hire you can think of.

Stressed Woman with face in her hands. Rachel Aiken, problems with group program

And if you’re honest, your business growth has stagnated- yes you’re making consistent 30-50k months but you can’t help feeling that you’ve got comfortable (and dare say coasting) because let’s face it - you’ve got bored, you’re overwhelmed or maybe even fearful for more sales to come in because your business may just break


I SEE YOU- you’re a smart and ambitious woman who has already achieved more than you imagined, so I don’t need to tell you ‘what got you here won’t get you there.’ 


But I also know......


And the truth is to CREATE CHANGE you need to do
something different to others in your industry

Here's the secret: you've mastered selling and marketing-
but at this level the missing piece is
mastering delivery AND identifying your authority in your industry.

It's time for

- Mastering your BIGGER vision and designing your legacy so you can confidently make it reality

- Mastering results: how you get them and how to innovate practices so that you can elevate and enhance results for your clients (and they do your marketing for you)

- Mastering systems and processes for longevity so you can step into your zone of genius knowing your associate coaches are nailing it

- Mastering leadership: leading your team, your clients and most importantly yourself to that next level so you can make the impact you KNOW you are here to make

- Mastering your thought leadership: so you can call in aligned clients through what you genuinely believe based on your expertise rather than blending in with others, so that you can truly and deservedly


become THE authority in YOUR industry

Welcome to 


A 6 month, 1:1 done with you experience where we: 

  • deep dive into the business you truly want and re-design it in alignment with your dreams and create your legacy

  • transform your existing programs so that it gets amazing results that sets you apart from others who do what you do, making it a no brainer for clients to work with you

  • discover your unique thought leadership and embed it throughout your offer suite, making you stand out not only for what you do but also enabling you to speak on stages and become the go-to in your industry

jessica-fadel-VjL0o4IS7iY-unsplash (1).jpg

Are you ready to become the woman who can:

  • fully and authentically step into your next level leader to advocate for the changes you want to see in your industry?

  • take your monthly revenue to the next level by increasing completion rates, reducing complaints and refund requests?

  • optimise your signature program that you can step into your zone of genius and truly become an expert in your industry?

  • attract dream clients because you're certain WHO you can get results for and how you can change their lives?

Hi! I’m Rachel,
the Mari Kondo of Business Scaling

I have combined my 15 years of expertise in the UK education sector with 5 years online business experience so that I can guide you in transforming your business. 

Because here's the truth....

It's just one part. 

That's why it feels so hard.

Which is why that scaling dream you had isn't reality: yet. Because what other coaches teach you about creating group programs doesn't cover: 

  • understanding how you scale your results for more clients

  • how to scale your client experience so that it enhances results

  • how to scale support from associate coaches and specialists to enhance results

  • how to scale your impact and become a thought leader in your industry through the work that you do

ALL whilst adding value- so you have an increase in program completion rates, reduce complaints and minimise refund requests. 

Rachel Aiken, Group Program Strategist. with open laptop in hands.

LOVE YOUR LEGACY: the detail

Over 6 months, I'll work with you and your team to transform your training programs AND train your team to continue the work after I've gone...

  • We'll begin with a complementary Legacy Design day where I get to know you, we get clarity on why your business matters (your legacy) and identify the non-negotiable strategic action points to get you there

  • Then, we'll discover your unique take on your industry, your expertise and experience so that we can identify the beginnings of your thought leadership: what you want to be known for.  

  • I will then take a deep dive into your programs and courses and identify the good, the bad and the ugly (what works, what doesn't and whats missing) using the Results Trifecta as the foundation. 

  • We'll then begin implementation- I'll guide you and your team using a bespoke Legacy in Action plan, with a clear focus each month. We'll have a monthly strategy call and a monthly team check in, so that progress is non negotiable. This will make your programs truly life-changing. 

  • Alongside your programs, we'll be working 1:1 on developing your thought leadership, so it can be woven into your programs (so that copycats can try-but fail) AND become the cornerstone of your messaging- so that you can make a bigger impact in your industry. 


PLUS: you'll get Mon-Fri Voxer (voice memo) access throughout, for all those questions along the way. 

We'll be using my unique framework-
the Results Trifecta


What is the Results Trifecta?

My unique framework based in educational practices and theory to ensure that your programs stand out because they transform lives: 

  • Focus 1: Program Results: we'll identify the results you get your clients and the action points needed to elevate your program to be the best in your industry so that your clients KNOW how to get GREAT results. 

  • Focus 2: Client Experience: we'll look at your current client experience and identify the support that will ensure your clients COMPLETE your program, making it easier for them to get GREAT results. 

  • Focus 3: Enhanced support: this is where we get personal- where we identify YOUR zone of genius AND bring in the right support to free you up so you can MASTER your craft AND enhance your clients results.


6 months to design, build and lead a LEGACY YOU LOVE. 

the investment

6 months of exclusive done with you 1:1 business consulting & invaluable support including: 

  • A 90-minute 1:1 CEO intensive where we discover your vision in alignment with your dreams, values and vision

  • The legacy design process to identify the specifics needed to EVOLVE your role, your team, your operations and your program to make your Aligned Legacy reality

  • A full Aligned Legacy Action Plan based on your Legacy Design so we know the non- negotiable's to build your legacy. 

  • Transforming your program to get outstanding results for your clients, so that they do your marketing for you. 

  • Uncovering YOUR unique thought leadership thats going to revolutionise your industry

  • 3 calls a month including: Strategy for the month ahead, Team check in and Aligned Leadership calls. 

  • Mon-Fri Voxer Access for all those in between questions 

ONLY £2500 a month

(payments are also available in USD)


Get started in one easy step

Rachel is an incredible resource, and quite frankly an asset for my programs.  She is savvy, experienced, and takes a unique approach to strategy in order to encourage people to think about what matters to them as individuals.  Her extensive experience in the education space combined with her online business savviness makes her a secret weapon to enhance any program or experience.  If you want an instant value-add for your clients, reach out to Rachel.  She's worth it on every level.
Melissa Froehlich

What it takes to succeed...

  • being BOLD enough to say what needs to change in your industry CONSTANTLY

  • DIGGING DEEP to develop and share your thought leadership so you can...

  • develop your inimitable METHODOLOGY based on your experience and expertise and weave it into your teaching

  • BRAVERY to innovate and experiment with your program in ways others haven't

  • LEAD and elevate the experience- not just for your clients but also your team

  • be STRONG enough to let go of who you are and GROW into the 7 figure leader you truly are

  • be a BOUNDARY QUEEN- create new strategic ways of working 

  • make DATA DRIVEN DECISIONS to determine the next steps in your business

  • be SAVVY enough to get the RIGHT support make your VISION reality

Working with Rachel was such a joy. She helped me develop an idea in 10 weeks that had been kicking around in my head for over a year. And gave me the step-by-step on how to move forward with it. If you’re waffling about trying to figure out your next steps in developing your program, talk to Rachel. 

Sarah Khan

The qualifiers 

  • have an existing group program that is getting results AND is scalable

  • are making $300K (or more) per year in annual revenue

  • you've done inner work before and you know its not done yet (new level, new devil)

  • are mission led and willing to disrupt the status quo with your thought leadership/way of doing things

  • have a small team (can be made up of freelancers)

  • you're willing to try new things

  • you've already achieved so much- but your ambitions are driving you for more

  • take 100% ownership for driving results

  • you're in business to truly help a lot of people AND make a lot of money

  • you're more concerned with HOW you make your money rather than how much. 

Working with Rachel is like a virtual warm hug. I wanted to create a group program that meant something that brought my clients tangible results. She not only helped me do that but she also brought actual accountability to my business. My revenue doubled this year and I know that it is because of her proven process and guidance.
Amy Kehs

You've got questions, I've got answers

Rachel, you’re UK based and I live in the US- can we work together?

Yes! All of our work is done virtually. The majority of my clients are in GMT, EST and CST time zones. If you are in the US, our calls will be in the morning (your time). Payments are also available in USD. 

My team are freelancers, not employees- does this matter? 

Of course not! We'll be mapping out your ideal team as part of the process and freelance/employee is your decision.

I don’t have an OBM/DOO does this matter? 

No- I have connections to the OBM/DOO network so can help you to hire one as part of the process.

Why do I need to complete an application when I schedule a call?

We're both busy people, so by getting you to fill out key questions before we speak, I can make sure that we're not wasting your time if you're not a right fit. If you do look like a good fit it means when we get on a call I can answer more of your questions. 

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