Don't overcomplicate it.

Business is simple.

Let me take you on a journey from overwhelm to simplicity


You want to grow your business, but you're worried. 

Won't it mean working longer hours?

Less time with your loved ones?

Having to make difficult choices? 

You're frustrated and overwhelmed. 

Wasn't starting your own business meant to give you freedom?

It sure doesn't feel like it. 

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I know. I've been there. 

Freedom of choice has always been important to me. 


After years of working in various advocacy roles in the education sector, I eventually decided to become a teacher- my childhood dream. 


However, when I chose to have children, little did I know that I would be forced to make a much bigger decision. It wasn’t complicated-  my dream job or be the kind of Mum I wanted to be present. 


When I handed in my notice with no next step, I knew it was a risk. 


So, I did the research, assessed my skills, and set up an online business. It meant I could be at home and be around for the kid's school plays.  I became a Certified Online Business Manager and business was booming (yay me!). 

But it didn’t last long.

I am driven and passionate. I was helping some amazing 7 and 8 figure Coaches (all with NDA’s) but there were two obvious problems that started to appear. 


I was becoming an employee again. Just in disguise. Working ridiculous hours meant I was no longer being present. 


That, and I wasn’t having the impact I wanted. I wanted the potential to help more people-not just the handful of clients I had. 


It became too much. I started to feel depressed. I couldn't even take a week's holiday! 

I got shiny object syndrome. Downloading every masterclass and freebie on offer to find the answer. 


Then I thought back to the situation I had been in 18 months earlier and realised it wasn’t complicated. 

I looked at the problems I had and how I could solve them

It was simple. 

I was brought into businesses to sort out the mess. The business owners were overwhelmed and frustrated with their business. So was I. 


I redesigned my business with me at its core. It felt amazing!


Then I realised. What if I could help others not get in the same mess in the first place? 


So, Minimalist Business was born.


I spent 9 months testing and perfecting it with new clients. So that you too can have the freedom in your business you desire. 

A business with you at the core.

The hours you choose. 


Clear strategies and systems. 


Making an impact.



Image by Kelly Sikkema

Simply grow your business with minimal input while maximising your impact. 

Don't overcomplicate it. Business is simple. 

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Minimalist Business

The signature program that puts you and simplicity at the core of your business

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