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Rachel Aiken, sitting on a chair, legs crossed. About page, group program consultant that creates revolutionaries.

Hi, I'm Rachel

 Business Scaling Strategist and guide  to

Change Makers

You're ready to change the world....

You’re an ambitious female founder where success is your middle name.  

You KNOW you want MORE. MORE for you, MORE for your clients and MORE for your industry. 

You have a BIG vision

You'd go as far to say you KNOW that you can CHANGE THE WORLD

And you’ve scaled your business- you've created a great group program (or 2) that sells. So what GIVES? At times it can feel like an uphill battle even though scaling was meant to solve your problems.  


Fact is… scaling isn't creating and selling a group program. 


It's so much more. And to truly FEEL successful, it's best done in alignment with the vision you have for the future. 

Woman contemplating work, wears a white blouse with glasses in hand. Rachel Aiken about page.

I see you...

Hey, I’m Rachel, and I know all about what you’re going through. In case we’ve never met before, let me tell you a little bit about me…

  • I love my industry: I carved a 15 year career in the UK education sector- from working in top universities on student experience to regional development for a Government Education Project. 

  • I'm ambitious- just like you: I returned to the classroom, qualified as a teacher and rapidly excelled managing my own team alongside mentoring new teachers within 2 years. 

  • My priorities changed when I became a Mum to my two outspoken, independent tweens- so I quit my career and started my own business. 

  • I became a fully booked Online Business Manager to some of the most successful Business Coaches in the UK and Europe, but something FELT OFF. 

Rachel Aiken, elbows resting on knees, face resting in hands. About page.

Coming from a background in education where results are a daily conversation, I was astonished that this was not a priority for ANY of my clients. It was more of a consideration.


Yes, there are the ‘exceptional results’ often showcased as testimonials- but what about the ‘typical’ results you are currently getting? Unfortunately, 5 years later it's still the case. This is why online programs have an average completion rate of 52% (although this is not results-focused either!). 

I soon realised that there were common mistakes that these businesses were making with their group programs that were preventing them from scaling sustainably. A voice deep inside was telling me that I had the solution and this was what I was meant to do.


So, I finally listened and started over. I now work with ambitious business owners like YOU who want to create a MASSIVE impact and ultimately build a LEGACY to change the world. I work with you 1:1 so I can REALLY understand your business, support you and your business on a deeper, more personal level. 

Why am I so passionate about this? Education saved my life. Literally. 

My life imploded at 17 when I was kicked out of home. Up to that point, I loved school. Overnight it became my lifeline. My safe space. Little did I know that it would become my life's work. 

I'm on a mission to change the stats...

Did you know: 

- the average online program completion rate is 52%

- the average course completion rate is 15%

- only 2% of female founders make 7 figures in annual revenue?

I don't accept these, and neither should you- because we can do BETTER and I can show you how. 

I’m on a mission for women to change the world- by changing these stats.  For me, Education is the KEY DRIVER. The online space has been a gift for women who are juggling responsibilities with careers. When we have GREAT programs focused on results and innovation and teach women how to be successful in business, we are empowering them to change the stats too.

This is how we create a Legacy- by putting our clients at the heart of what we do- supporting them to get bigger and better results WHILST stepping into our true expertise so we can REALLY CHANGE LIVES. 

Because a revolutionary is a catalyst for change. And I think that revolutionary is YOU. 

My approach is unique...


Thanks to my background and qualifications in education, I identified a gap where I have the knowledge and skills to help. 

Support includes

  • Creating a long-term vision for your business- including your exit.

  • getting better results for more clients

  • creating an experience that enhances results

  • developing a methodology unique to your experience


so you can make a more significant impact- and revolutionise your industry.

My Legacy? To help 100 women have scalable, sustainable businesses, become Industry Leaders, innovate REAL change and create a legacy of REAL IMPACT by 2030. 

Rachel Aiken, about, standing leaning against wall with laptop in hand.
Are you ready to become your industry's revolutionary leader in a way that’s in alignment with YOU, your values, experience and expertise?
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