Here's my truth

We all have a purpose and it is fundamental to our business success. 


Being a lifelong learner, a highly ambitious woman and a passionate entrepreneur I understand how building a business is more than just about the money, it's about having the freedom and making a difference in the world.


It's about using your experience, your skills and your passion to help others. 

As a Mother, Wife and Daughter I also know what it's like to wonder if you made the right choice to give up your successful career, to lay awake at night and wonder whether that balance between work and family is ever likely to happen. 

Starting a business takes courage, but growing and scaling it takes time, patience and consistency. As the saying goes, what got you here, won't get you there.


I'm going to help you transform your online business into the key to the freedom you desire.  

With more profit, less stress and making a greater impact. 


To unlock women’s potential to transform the 21st Century by scaling their online business and make a bigger impact, whilst retaining their freedom.


To inspire 3,000 Women to scale a minimalist led business by 2025. 







A few fun facts!

1. I had my first job at 12 years old

2. I grew up in the county of Norfolk, England. 

3. Weirdest job I ever had: selling promotional placemats (I lasted one day- too weird)

4. I am an Advocate - INFJ-A

5. I currently obsessed with Human Design

6. I met my husband when I returned to Uni to train as a teacher

7. Both my children were born in Hong Kong. 

8. I LOVE Reading- particularly Crime Novels!

9. We've moved 7 times in 11 years (on purpose)

10. I once danced on a West End Stage.