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 Online Business Strategist, Program Architect and guide to
 Women of Impact 

You’re a talented woman

You know you want a business that enables you to live a rich, freedom filled life. 

You’re reading this because you’re ready for change because you love what you do and getting amazing results for your clients but right now it feels HARD



  • You’re maxed out with 1:1 clients and taking time off feels impossible. If you continue this way, you’re going to burn out. 

  • You want to raise your prices so you can invest more in growth but doesn’t that mean adding more value to your clients? And how are you going to do that when you’re already doing all the things?

  • You love the idea of creating a group program, but where do you start to translate what you currently do into a container that ACTUALLY gets results? 

  • You’re worried that scaling will mean spending more time on marketing- learning how to launch instead of developing your expertise

  • And if you’re honest, there is a part of you that just doesn’t think you’re enough of an expert to make this work. 

I see you- you’re a smart and ambitious woman who has already taken big risks by starting your own business in the first place. 

And what you really desire is to:

  • have the time to help more clients AND take a switched off holiday with your family

  • work less AND set your clients up for exceptional results

  • develop your level of expertise AND a continual pipeline of new clients

  • have predictable income AND a business that runs like clockwork

  • reconnect with that passion you had when you started out  (not the 1,365 tasks in ClickUp) 

  • discover the next level business owner you are becoming


Fact is… there are just some things you can’t do alone. 


Sometimes, life just gets in the way, and you need a little more support to break through. 

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I totally get it...

In case we’ve never met before, let me tell you a little bit about me… 

My business was born in 2018, when my 15 year successful career in education clashed with how I wanted to BE as a Mum.


I started out with the intention of becoming a Virtual Assistant, but instead found myself in the world of Online Business Manager, rapidly became certified and fully booked. Woohoo!

And this is where it is time for me to get honest…




Unfulfilled, because although I enjoyed my job, I definitely wasn’t working in my zone of genius.


Trapped, because I was working to other people's plans. Taking time off was restricted to when it was convenient for them.


I knew I needed to scale, but I didn’t know HOW. I wanted freedom, flexibility and fulfilment. My OBM mentor suggested building an agency, but that didn’t feel right.

And because I lacked clarity, I started listening to everyone else. Who told me ‘Rachel, you’d make a great coach’.

So that’s what I did. I built ANOTHER business, coaching women to build simple businesses, which again worked. BUT I still didn’t FEEL successful. I realised that something was missing: I wasn't working in my zone of genius. 


So, I went back to the drawing board and I created my success blueprint:

  • Fulfilment - to LOVE what I do

  • Flexibility - to not have a rigid process to follow

  • Freedom - to take time off as I want


I then looked at where I could marry my success blueprint up with the needs in the online space. My experience showed me that there were gaps- support for service providers to scale their businesses AND for EXCEPTIONAL online programs.


THIS LIT ME UP- it was like a light bulb going off in my head.


So, I rolled up my sleeves and did the work:

  • I used my education background to identify HOW programs could get better results

  • I worked with a Human Design Specialist- so I could understand MORE about who I am so I could play to my strengths AND

  • I worked with a coach to articulate my unique thought leadership


I now have a business that I LOVE- because it is unique to MY version of success:

  • I am fulfilled by working in my area of expertise

  • I have built flexibility within my offers so that I can tailor make them to my clients

  • I have the freedom to take holidays with my kids and time off for myself

And I want the same for you

I don’t want you to have to make the same costly mistakes I did. I can help you grow and  scale your service based business and most importantly ensure you’re working in your zone of genius. 


No matter what level you are at, we follow my Signature Success Activators. 


We start by uncovering your Signature Success Blueprint: your vision for life, your expertise and your ideal client to be the foundation of your journey. So that we are building a business that fits around your life (not the other way round!)

Then I’ll teach you HOW to use the Results Trifecta to create your in demand offer, so that your clients become obsessed with your work (because they get results)- and do your marketing for you.


And finally we will develop your thought leadership and design your IMPACT INDICATORS so that you can confidently attract the RIGHT clients to you AND stand out for being the expert you are- making marketing effortless. 

I’ve helped women just like you create a service based business that works for them that they’re proud of, without all the typical SHOULDS that we’re being told on social media.

Working with Rachel is like a virtual warm hug. I wanted to create a group program that meant something, that brought my clients tangible results. She not only helped me do that but she also brought actual accountability to my business. My revenue doubled this year and I know that it is because of her proven process and guidance.

Amy Kehs,

Founder of Love My Museum

Rachel Aiken Consulting

Unlike other strategists I don’t use cookie cutters. My framework is used with you as guidelines so that everything we do is bespoke to you. It doesn't become a rigid timeline (unless you want it to!)

I won’t tell you you need to do x and y. Because it paused my own success. Instead, we will look at what works for you in your offer, your marketing and your operations. 

My favourite thing about this work is being able to see you realise that the way you want to do business is TOTALLY doable. 

Because here is what I know for sure: 

YOUR success is as unique as your are


the secret to business success is focusing on the success of your clients


So, if you’re ready to make a bigger contribution in your industry because you’re GREAT at what you do AND want to do it your way then you’re going to love working together. 


Click here to read more about how we can work together.

 Ready to get started?

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