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Meet Rachel

My journey to entrepreneurship was not easy

I don't believe anyone's is.

When I made the decision to have children, little did I know the impact it would have on my own sense of identity and the values that I had fought so hard to forge.


Naively, I thought that having a successful career and being a great Mum who had the freedom to choose to go to all the school events, rather than cherry-pick them, was possible - especially in the 21st Century!


When I realised it wasn't and handed in my notice on a 15-year career in Education, with no next step, I knew it was a risk.

I didn’t realise the impact that would have on my self-esteem - how much my career had imprinted on my sense of who I am.

So, I did what it takes, assessed my skills, I set up my business, took all the courses and became fully booked with clients.


I felt I became whole, found my true adult self and realised my purpose in life.

But the conflict came back in a new way.

Being passionate about my business meant working all the hours to become successful. Who was I proving it to? Myself- for taking that risk?

It became too much. I was unhappy that I was falling into the same pattern.

I had a choice. 

I could go back to teaching, and back to working all the hours, feeling a sense of purpose still but not spending quality time with my kids.

Or, step it up and discover a different way of working- on my terms.

I dug deep - and used everything I know to get there. Suddenly I realised it was about putting myself in charge and maximizing the value of my own business. I used that freedom I had fought for to rebuild my business around my vision for the future.


As a result, I felt a real joy working in my business, serving my purpose and feeling the success I wanted to be. I

I became the CEO of my business and my life.

And that is why Simple Strategies was born. I want to teach you how your business can bring you joy by building and implementing the right strategies and embracing your inner CEO. 

I am so excited to be part of your journey!