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Rachel Aiken

I may be new to you, but I've been guiding successful online 6,7 and 8 figure businesses since 2018. I've combined this experience with my 15 year background in education to develop unique frameworks to ensure you get the best possible results when working together. 

Think innovative strategies, not quick fixes. I want you to deliver high quality results that your clients crave- and deserve, because I know thats the best possible foundation for a simple, sustainable and scalable business. 

When we work together I really get to know you and what you want - from your life, your business and the legacy you want to create. I'll not only give you the step by step to make your wild ambition reality, but I'll be your biggest cheerleader while you do it. 


The mission

 I want to see women build scalable and sustainable businesses with high quality programs that:​

  • attract TRUE ideal clients with ease- because they know who their program works for

  • retains clients- because they create a supportive and engaging client experience

  • brings in recurring, predictable revenue because their clients honour their payment plans

  • are reputable for getting clients results 

  • and referable- so that you can do LESS marketing


Working with Rachel is like a virtual warm hug. I wanted to create a group program that meant something, that brought my clients tangible results. She not only helped me do that but she also brought actual accountability to my business. My revenue doubled this year and I know that it is because of her proven process and guidance.

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