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Guest Speaking


Rachel Aiken is a Program Consultant and Online Education Business Strategist that works with ambitious female service providers to build scalable, sustainable businesses forged in their zone of genius. 

She has worked with some of the most successful female entrepreneurs around the world shaping their business in alignment with their expertise. 


As a speaker, she has shared her story of finding purpose, alongside in depth conversations on high quality programs with small private audiences and podcasts with audiences of hundreds. 


Utilising her 15 years of experience in the UK Education sector, she wants to transform online education so that it is client results-driven alongside being revenue focused. She is on a mission to improve the quality and accessibility of online programs and courses, because she knows from personal experience that quality education can change lives and that education is a key driver for women's equality. 


Her programs are formulated from real online experience alongside established educational practices. 


Outside of her business, Rachel is a Mum of two young children and currently lives in Stamford, UK. 

 Topics include 

How to get your clients OBSESSED with your group program

How to create your unique framework

How bringing in associate coaches can enhance the client experience

 Delivery formats: 

  • Keynote speaker

  • Guest expert- masterminds/group programs

  • Active workshops and masterclasses

  • Q&A panels

  • Podcast Guest

 Request for Rachel to speak 

We're so excited that you'd like to collaborate with Rachel

Simply send an email to us including:

  • type of opportunity

  • details of the collaboration (time, date, location)

  • rough idea of topic 

  • your target audience

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