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Hi, I'm Rachel, 

Scaling Strategist, educator & speaker for the new generation of female entrepreneurs who want to change the world with their brilliance

Rachel Aiken Consulting

My mission is simple: to empower you to build a MEANINGFUL LEGACY so that you can genuinely look back and say


(So all those risks you've taken, that hard work you've put in and those sleepless nights you've had are TOTALLY worth it)
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Imagine a sustainable business that 

  • gets BIGGER & BETTER results for your clients so they do your marketing for you

  • isn't 100% reliant on YOU for delivery so you can take holidays WITHOUT your laptop 

  • has a supportive A* team so that you ONLY work in your zone of genius 

  • gives you the time to deepen your expertise so you can write that book/speak on stages

  • and most importantly gives you the freedom to actually switch off- so 'quality time' (being a Mum, hanging at the spa etc) lives up to its name. 

Let me tell you a secret:  

To change peoples lives you need to KNOW

how YOUR expertise gets results 

The online space is changing. Buyers have lost TRUST in investing in courses and programs because they are based on 1 persons experience RATHER than genuine expertise. 

Which is why the average completion rate for programs is 52% and courses 15%. 

And unfortunately, when it comes to scaling A LOT of (not all) business coaches teach how to scale by creating and launching a group program or membership based on you selling out your 1:1 offer. 

But by following their advice you are doing your expertise an injustice. 

Most coaches who teach scaling with group programs don't help you with scaling RESULTS because their expertise lies in marketing and selling rather than education. 

Scaling is REALLY about increasing revenue at a faster rate than costs. 

Yes, on the surface a group program CAN do that temporarily but it's not sustainable for YOU as the business owner. 


Hi, I'm Rachel

the Marie Kondo of Business Scaling

I've spent the last 20 years honing my craft. 15 years in the UK Education sector ranging from working in top Universities and Government projects to becoming a qualified teacher, middle leader and mentoring teachers RESULTS are at the core of my expertise. Sprinkle on 5 years in the online business space, managing multi-6, 7 & 8 figure businesses as a certified OBM- I know what it takes to scale a business (and the common pitfalls). 


My aim is to share proven tools that empower you to build a business legacy based on RESULTS- because you're frigging brilliant at what you do. 


And most importantly to make you feel seen, be your biggest cheerleader, and laugh a lot as we scale your business together.

By doing so, we'll bring the JOY back to your business. 


Ways to work together

75 min support session

Map out your offers, review your curriculum or bring your most pressing issue. Plus a recording of our call. 

Legacy in a Day

We'll uncover your legacy and map out your offer suite & a plan for you to make it reality- all in a day. 

Strategic Consulting

Elevate your existing program or create a new one with 1:1 support. 3 calls a month & Voxer access.

Get started in ONE easy step

Book a friendly chat to see whats the best fit for you

Rachel is an incredible resource, and quite frankly an asset for my programs.  She is savvy, experienced, and takes a unique approach to strategy in order to encourage people to think about what matters to them as individuals.  Her extensive experience in the education space combined with her online business savviness makes her a secret weapon to enhance any program or experience.  If you want an instant value-add for your clients, reach out to Rachel.  She's worth it on every level.
Melissa Froehlich
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