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Ready to create programs your clients are obsessed with, others are queuing up for & revolutionising your industry?

Rachel Aiken of Rachel Aiken Consulting
 You want to have THE go-to program in your industry?
  I’ve got you! 

I’m Rachel and I’m here to help you
make a massive impact, more profit and ultimately create a legacy where you can look back and say
‘my programs changed peoples lives’
Because I believe that when women lead and succeed, EVERYONE benefits - and that’s how we change the world. 

Let’s get to know each other better

  Introducing the Pioneer Pathway 

3 stages to growing your legacy
Rachel is an incredible resource, and quite frankly an asset for my programs.  She is savvy, experienced, and takes a unique approach to strategy in order to encourage people to think about what matters to them as individuals.  Her extensive experience in the education space combined with her online business savviness makes her a secret weapon to enhance any program or experience.  If you want an instant value-add for your clients, reach out to Rachel.  She's worth it on every level.
Melissa Froehlich,
Business Mentor & Mindset Coach
Rachel Aiken sitting with her head on her wrists in a casual pose, smiling
 Why me? 

I’m different than other Online Business Strategists because I don't use cookie cutter strategies. 

I’m anything but “normal,”...

I mix business and teaching strategies plus.... I love human design, lunar cycles and learning more about energetics.

My approach is based on 20 years expertise rather than just my own business journey. 

My favourite thing about this work is that I get to know you and your business, and support you in creating a program as unique as you are.

 Get started 

Stop trying to figure it out on your own. Start creating your Legacy. 


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