Simple Workweek

Create your dream week

in just one hour

Time is precious. 


You know it. I know it. You probably started your own business so you could have more of it.

And 2020 made us realise how much we should appreciate it.

Time with loved ones, family, friends

But how often do you spend that precious time working in your business instead?

That is not why I started my business- and I bet it wasn't on your list when you signed up to this building a business thing!!!

Even the guru's tell you to put in the hours and work your butt off because it's the only way to success.


As a recovering 'hustler' I understand the struggle. I used to be the same.

- Cancelling nights out with friends

- Spending less time with my husband

- Telling my kids I'll 'just be five more minutes'

all to work on my business.


That's when it hit me: I realised I had turned my business into the JOB that I left - so that I could have more BALANCE.

So I looked back at ALL the training /programs/ coaching I had to find out EXACTLY what I needed to do

  • every day

  • every week

  • every month

  • every quarter


AND discovered I could comfortably work a 25-hour workweek and still have the SUCCESS that I wanted in my business.

After 2 years of trialling, tweaking and lockdown homeschooling I am now ready to SHARE my secret sauce with you.

Old-Fashioned Clock

The Simple Workweek Workshop

Design your dream week in just one hour

For only $27 you will get:

- The simple workweek masterclass

- The POWER HOUR Formula

- The Delegate like a Queen Bundle