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Rachel Aiken


Take your program from
In Demand to
and establish your LEGACY

Using our unique LEGACY MAPPING methodology as part of our 1:1 consultancy,  we’ll take your 7-figure vision combined with your existing program and give you the non-negotiable strategic action points AND 1:1 intense support to elevate it to INDUSTRY LEADER level in as little as 90 days. 

121 Consulting for ambitious women looking to forge a business legacy- not only for themselves but for the women they are leading

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For the woman who's not afraid to

  • INNOVATE and do things that others daren't because your team no longer relies on you for day to day direction

  • Use new strategies and systems to ensure your team always has your back

  • create an experience where your clients are getting results AND talking about it unprompted, using language like “my mentor”, “without this”, “I really look up to "

  • Who doesn’t accept the industry standard of 52% of students completing a program


- Serve more, but not work more

- take an actual 'switched off' holiday 

- speak on bigger stages and step out as an industry leader

- make a bigger impact not only on your own life, but globally

AND ultimately become THE authority in YOUR industry

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You decided your way to scale to multiple six /seven figures is with a group program because you love to teach and to get amazing transformations for your clients. 
But you’ve got 99 problems (and the money ain’t one): 
  • You want to expand the delivery capacity of your core program and bring on more clients so you can expand your impact and income, but you fear you’ll be disliked because the results have to come from you


  • You want to raise your prices so you can invest more in growth but doesn’t that mean adding more value to your clients? And how are you going to do that when you’re already doing all the things?


  • There are certain pieces of your program delivery that YOU LOVE to do and you know that you need to hand them off to someone else so you can have more time to be a true CEO but how do you do that when behind the scenes it’s all a hot mess or in your head?

And if you’re honest, your business growth has stagnated- yes you’re making consistent 30-50k months but you can’t help feeling that you’ve got comfortable (and dare say coasting) because let’s face it - you’ve got bored, you’re overwhelmed or maybe even fearful for more sales to come in because your business may just break. 


I see you- you’re a smart and ambitious woman who has already achieved more than you imagined, so I don’t need to tell you ‘what got you here won’t get you there.’ 


But I also know......

You have a big vision to be the best in the world at what you do

And the truth is to BE THE BEST you need to be

  • BOLD enough to say what needs to change in your industry
  • BRAVE enough to innovate and experiment 
  • the LEADER in elevating the experience- for your clients AND your team
  • SAVVY enough to get support to make it happen
  • STRONG enough to let go and grow

Are you ready to:








 (not the 1,365 tasks in ClickUp). 





Our unique 1:1 Consultancy takes your successful program from IN DEMAND to INDUSTRY DOMINATOR, so you can become THE GO-TO expert to lead the REVOLUTION your industry needs. It includes: 


  • A 1:1 CEO intensive where we reconnect your program with your BIG vision- and identify your lasting legacy

  • A 4-day strategic mapping process, where we measure your legacy against your current business to identify the specifics needed to EVOLVE your role, your team, your operations and your program to make your 7 figure vision reality

  • 3- 6 months of dedicated 1:1 consulting for you and your team where together we establish YOUR unique authority, elevate the client experience, innovate specific to your expertise AND create the systems and processes so that your team have the ability and infrastructure to independently do this again (and again and again…) so you can get to 7 figures faster

Rachel Aiken standing on a bridge looking at camera

Hey! I’m Rachel,

Some call me the Marie Kondo of Online Programs, others the Program Whisperer but I prefer Revolutionary Partner- because when we work together we will be changing the world- for you and your clients!


For 15 years, I ensured university and school programmes delivered on their promise alongside training the next generation of teachers, before I left to consult as a Certified Online Business Manager, working with high-level business owners who wanted to grow and scale their online businesses. 


My extensive experience alongside being a fully qualified teacher means I have unique skills to support your program to become the gold standard in your industry. 




Did you know that: 

  • the average course completion rate is 15%?

  • the average program completion rate is 52%? 

  • only 2% of female-led businesses make 7 figures in annual revenue?

  • a staggering 90% of female-led businesses don’t make six figures? 


I’m on a mission for women to change the world- by changing these stats.  For me, Education is the KEY DRIVER. When we have GREAT programs focused on results and innovation and teach women how to be successful in business, we are creating a legacy- not only for ourselves but also for our clients AND generations to come. 

Part 1 Legacy Mapping™- what it looks like

A 90-minute 1:1 CEO vision intensive where: 

  • We uncover what it feels like to be the CEO. More time to work out? More time to travel? Just more time in general to do the things you love? Let’s factor that in. 

  • We dive into the business. What work are you doing? What does your support team look like? What are they doing? How are they doing it? What does it feel like in your business? 

  • We check in with your legacy. What results does your program get? What are you known for? What do you want to be known for? What is the gap in the market you fill? How do you see yourself becoming the authority in your industry? 


4-day Strategic mapping process where I measure your existing business against your vision to identify what it will take to make it a reality: 

  • I’ll deep dive into your program focusing on the customer journey: sales 

  • process, client onboarding, client experience, client learning journey, feedback and client offboarding AND client delivery (the back end of your business). I’ll look at systems, processes, and your current team (are they the A players you need). The aim is to identify the gaps and weaknesses so that as you scale it doesn’t break under the pressure.

  • I’ll then create your bespoke legacy map-a detailed document which identifies the strategic action points and practical next steps you and your team need to take to make your 7 figure vision a reality. 

  • We’ll have a call where I’ll take you through the details of your Legacy Map and answer any questions you may have. 

  • You’ll also get Voxer (voice memo) access for a further 7 days for any follow-up questions you may have. 

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Part 2 - Strategic Consulting- what it looks like

We'll take your Legacy map from part 1 and take immediate action to make it reality with:

90-day Action Planning call: 

  • We’ll discuss your Legacy Map and prioritise the implementation of the strategic action points suggested. 

  • After our call, I will turn your Legacy Map into a 90-day Action Plan. I’ll add this to your project management tool and in your next team meeting, I’ll talk it through with your team. 


We’ll then follow a pattern of monthly calls: 


  • Monthly Strategy call: with you and your OBM to make the necessary strategic decisions so that your team can implement the focused action points for that month

  • Monthly Authority call: 121 call- just you and I to develop your proprietary method (what you’ll become known for) that is unique to your experience and expertise

  • Monthly Team call: I’ll meet with your OBM and team to guide, support and keep them accountable to our implementation for that month. Includes access to resources and templates as needed. 


Monthly review: I review the work that your team has undertaken and I’ll send specific feedback on it to ensure that it is future-proof. 


Mon-Fri Voxer access for any questions that you and your OBM may have between calls.

The investment


Your bespoke roadmap to create lasting impact

  • A 90-minute 1:1 CEO intensive where we reconnect to your vision

  • A 4-day strategic mapping process to identify the specifics needed to EVOLVE your role, your team, your operations and your program to make your 7-figure vision reality

  • A 90-minute call where I talk you through your unique Legacy Map and answer any questions you may have

  • 7-day follow-up Voxer Access for any additional questions

ONLY $2,500

 (prerequisite for strategic consulting)



90 days of personalised support to fast track your legacy

  • 90-day action planning based on your Legacy Map

  • A Monthly Strategy call to agree the HOW, unique to your vision

  • Monthly 1:1 Authority call where we develop your proprietary method and thought leadership

  • Monthly Team call (with or without you) to support your team with making it happen

  • Mon-Fri Voxer Access for all those in between questions


(payable in 3 easy monthly payments)

Get started in one easy step

What it takes to succeed...

  • being BOLD enough to say what needs to change in your industry CONSTANTLY

  • DIGGING DEEP to develop and share your thought leadership so you can...

  • develop your inimitable METHODOLOGY based on your experience and expertise and weave it into your teaching

  • BRAVERY to innovate and experiment with your program in ways others haven't

  • LEAD and elevate the experience- not just for your clients but also your team

  • be STRONG enough to let go of who you are and GROW into the 7 figure leader you truly are

  • be a BOUNDARY QUEEN- create new strategic ways of working 

  • make DATA DRIVEN DECISIONS to determine the next steps in your business

  • be SAVVY enough to get the RIGHT support make your VISION reality

The qualifiers 

  • have an existing group program that is getting results AND is scalable

  • are making consistent $300K (or more) per year in annual revenue

  • you've done inner work before and you know its not done yet (new level, new devil)

  • are mission led and willing to disrupt the status quo with your thought leadership/way of doing things

  • have a small team 

  • you're willing to try new things

  • you've already achieved so much- but your ambitions are driving you for more

  • take 100% ownership for driving results

Rachel is an incredible resource, and quite frankly an asset for my programs.  She is savvy, experienced, and takes a unique approach to strategy in order to encourage people to think about what matters to them as individuals.  Her extensive experience in the education space combined with her online business savviness makes her a secret weapon to enhance any program or experience.  If you want an instant value-add for your clients, reach out to Rachel.  She's worth it on every level.

Melissa Froehlich

Working with Rachel was such a joy. She helped me develop an idea in 10 weeks that had been kicking around in my head for over a year. And gave me the step-by-step on how to move forward with it. If you’re waffling about trying to figure out your next steps in developing your program, talk to Rachel. 

Sarah Khan

You've got questions, I've got answers

Rachel, you’re UK based and I live in the US- can we work together?

Yes! The majority of my clients are in GMT, EST and CST time zones. If you are in the US, our calls will be in the morning (your time).

My team are freelancers, not employees- does this matter? 

Of course not! We'll be mapping out your ideal team as part of the process and freelance/employee is your decision.

I don’t have an OBM/DOO does this matter? 

No- I have connections to the OBM/DOO network so can help you to hire one as part of the process.

Do I have to do the Legacy Mapping first? I know the problems in my business.

Yes, Legacy Mapping is essential for me to understand your business so I can fully support you quickly- so we can move into doing and not have to stall along the way.

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