Why I closed my Facebook Group

Earlier this month I chose to close my Facebook group, so today I wanted to share why.

Let’s start with the origin story. I had my first Facebook group a couple of years ago (some of you may have even been a member of it) which was for OBM's (Online Business Managers) in the UK and Europe, so we could network. I kept the group- but transitioned it to my specialism of systems.

Just over 18 months ago I began the pivot of my business from OBM to Strategist and at the same time I learned about ‘live launching’. You all know what that is- building a Facebook group and running 5 (actually 10) day challenges to get clients into your program. I knew that I wanted to ‘package’ up the extensive knowledge I had and make a greater impact- i.e. help more women in business. So this ‘method’ of launching seemed so much easier than the launches that I ran. So, that was the initial purpose of my Facebook group.

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Why I closed my Facebook Group

So, that's where we were. However- I didn’t like live launching (well, the selling part!) so I hired a Facebook group coach- who was amazing. And I soon realised that I didn’t like having a group that I was selling to all the time. It felt ‘off’. I loved giving the value, but not the selling part. I also realised that I don’t have to launch to attract new clients, so now I am focusing on my evergreen funnel, with occasional supporting workshops.

And over the past year, I have fallen out of love with Facebook. Not in the way other people have- unhappy with all the behind the scenes stuff (I mean- I started out as a Social Media Manager so I knew most of it) but just in the way it looks and the long written posts, and the general ‘shouty’ness of it all. I was gearing more and more to Instagram- because I like the pretty pictures and the nice quotes. It just feels a bit ‘nicer’ over there. Less in my face, more relaxed.

Then there was the people-pleasing….. I am a recovering people pleaser. Having a Facebook group does nothing for my anxiety. I would feel bad for not posting, bad for posting too much, bad for not posting a ‘good’ post, bad when people didn’t engage with a post. I spent thousands learning how Facebook groups work, only to realise that it wasn’t the right fit for me as a leader. I couldn’t ‘lead’ when I felt like I was giving my best.

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Now my business is a little more me

Building a business has been the biggest professional development journey I have been on (and I love learning) and I have found out more about myself in the past three years than I EVER have! One of the biggest things I have learned is that it's ok to put myself first. So closing my Facebook group had to be done.

And as a result, it means I can put all that stress and worry/guilt into the right type of energy. To show up and write this blog post today. To create a new masterclass this week (keep your eyes peeled). Support my wonderful clients each week. Social is just a small part of what I do, and I don’t need to be so focused on it.

That's enough of me drivelling on. However, if there is anything that I would like you to take away today, it's this. It’s your business. It’s your energy. It’s your choice. Design and build your business in alignment with who you are. And if that has changed recently, that's ok. Because being your own boss means you only have to answer to yourself.

You can do this.

Rachel x

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