What an OBM is and how they can help your business.

If you have an Online Business, I am sure you would have already come across the term ‘Online Business Manager’. Maybe you were looking for a Virtual Assistant? Maybe you were on LinkedIN and some of your latest connections have OBM in their title? Either way, if you have a successful Online Business and you are struggling to grow, an OBM could be the answer to your prayers.

When you imagined setting up your own business-whether you are a PR expert, a Sales expert or a Business Coach, you had a vision in mind. You left your corporate job so that you could have flexibility- to do what you wanted to do and when. Maybe it was to be able to fit your business around your children, or to have more holidays, or you were just sick and tired of the commute.

The reality now, is somewhat different. You started strong, you bought on a Virtual Assistant to help you, you have a bookkeeper, a Graphic Designer, a Techspert… the team continues to grow. As a result, you are working longer days, into the weekends and all that time you once had is disappearing. You feel stuck- your business was growing so well and now you seem to spend all your time managing the team. You feel frustrated- you didn’t set out to become a manager- this was never part of the dream!

If you go on holiday your family get annoyed as there always seems to be another email to answer, or you just need 5 minutes to sort out a little work issue, and lets face it- your phone is your best friend. If something happened to that baby-well-you just don’t want to go there. Your goal of starting up that new programme this year is slipping into next….and its only February.

You need help- but how? And who from? This is where you need an Online Business Manager. They will help you turn those growth dreams into reality. They will discuss your goals and help you break them down. Then start looking into the ‘How’- and dissecting what needs to happen to make that goal reality. They will take over the operations in your business, the team management, the day to day processes. They will audit what is already happening in your business. They will bring in automation if needed, and advise on how to make everything streamlined.

And what do you do in this time? To start you will gradually pass over those tasks, and then life becomes exciting again: you get to focus your time and energy on growth- maybe a new programme, maybe breathing new life into your marketing. Either way, your business becomes a joy again- and you can take a holiday without having to react to your phone every day.

If all this sounds familiar, you need to get an OBM. Let's face it- you will be glad you did…and so will your family.

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