The Power of One

We’ve just spent the last few weekends visiting family (hurrah) that we haven’t seen since last summer. It was amazing! As an introvert, I am now filled up with love and ready to spend the next month enjoying the garden. Preferably on my own.

Beach with wind farm in background.
The beach where I grew up

I love being on my own. I love the simplicity of it. It’s taken me a long time to be honest with myself and others about my need for alone time- and to not feel guilty about it. I mean, how do you say to your husband, yes, I love you and the kids. I love the time we have together. But I HAVE to have time on my own for you to all feel the love from me. Because often we feel judged for being selfish (which is a whole other blog post in itself!)

Being an introvert does not mean you don’t like people. I LOVE people. I can be the life and soul of the party. However, once the party is over, I need to recuperate on my own.

So how does this translate in business? Pretty well. No matter if you are an introvert or extrovert, it’s about using your energy in the right way- and spending your time on the right things.

I’m a big fan of the power of one in my business. One platform, One Offer, One goal. Let’s explore.

One platform.

This means only focusing on one platform. Mine is Instagram- it sits better for me- I like to hang out there, and so does my person (ideal client- I love Grey’s Anatomy and this ‘person’ idea sings to me and my marketing method). It means I am not spreading myself thin. Instead, I get to learn how to use that platform really well. There are always changes, so there is always something new to learn- which means I don’t get bored and exhausted from sitting on social media all day. I also use my power hour method so I spend my energy wisely- an hour each day doing the same things to help boost my profile.

It also works for my person too. I am not here, there and everywhere. They can find me on Instagram- done (another reason I closed my Facebook group).

One offer.

Remember- your offer is not your product. Having one offer is about one SOLUTION. My solution is a Minimalist Business-simplifying and being intentional- so you can live your life on purpose. Now. Not next year. This makes it super easy for me- as everything I do comes under this umbrella. It also makes it easy for my person- as no matter what program or product they invest in the outcome is the same.

a black one with a black circle around it
The power of one

One goal.

This is that overarching goal. That big one. The one you may only admit to yourself. Your purpose, your mission and your why all combined. Mine is Impact. To support women to make an impact so we can change the world. To be the champion of women who are doing amazing things in the world.

And a bonus one….

One schedule. My week is designed around conserving my energy, so I can show up at my best for the women on my program. My program is designed so that I don’t need to work during the day during the school holidays. Calls are restricted to specific days and times for those applying to work with me. It’s all designed and aligned around who I am.

Why does this work?

Because our businesses are a reflection of our own personal growth. If we are tired and not fuelling our generator, how can we expect to be the driving force behind our business? You are worthy of having the business and life you want now- not in 10 years time. When we honour ourselves the world recognises it- and rewards us.

So, what changes can you make in your business, around who you are? How can you embrace the power of one?

Because there is only one you, and you have one life.

Let’s live it on Purpose.

Rachel x

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