One easy step to making your business less complicated- that you can implement today.

I love the Spring- as it always brings something exciting with it.

Leaves appearing on the trees, spring flowers popping up with bright colours, the weather starting to get a little warmer and the sun shining a lot more.

It gives you a feeling of optimism- that better things are on their way.

My birthday is in April, as is my wedding anniversary, so I guess it is no wonder that I feel this way.

What I also love is that it is no different in my business.

One of the easiest things I have ever implemented in my business is to run my business year in line with the tax year.

This means my business runs April to April.

How does this make business less complicated?

1. Less mess when it comes to completing my tax return.

I finalised my accounts yesterday- so that I can get my tax return completed asap. I want last year 'completed' as soon as possible- so that I can move forward with the coming year.

2. It makes planning a lot easier

I understand why people plan in January- that idea of a new year, a new start. However, you only have 9 months worth of financial data to go on.

If you plan in April, you have a full year's data to go on- and you can clearly see when the peaks and troughs are in your business.

3. My head is in a different place.

As I said, the Spring holds optimism. My goals are a lot more optimistic too. I am encouraged by the growth around me. What is also interesting is that the online world' is not such a 'crowded place' when it comes to people selling. Therefore, I don't 'feel' that I should be doing 'this' or 'that' in my business, as I am not bombarded with messages. It means I am doing what I truly want to.

4. It makes selling at the key times so much easier.

We all know that the two 'peak' times for launching are September and January, due to the 'back to school' and 'new year resolutions' mindset we have as a society. By shifting to April planning, it makes it easier to launch- as you are not hung up on planning for the next year. (You should also be fresh from a holiday- so it gives you some momentum).

5. It usually coincides with a holiday

Easter is usually around the beginning of April. However, it is a different type of holiday. There is less 'pressure' as it is not celebrated in the same way as Christmas. Therefore you can truly get some headspace. I am taking a day this week for each of the 5 key areas of my business. It feels like a luxury to spend so much time on my business- and it is. But it should be. By spending this time, I know I set up in the best way for the year ahead.

Rachel Aiken is an educator, former Certified Online Business Manager, turned Minimalist Business Strategist for ambitious women who are looking to simplify their online business.

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