How embracing minimalism can make planning ahead easier

So, we're about to head into another quarter of 2020, with as much uncertainty surrounding us as the past.

HOWEVER, if you're running an online business- it should not be all doom and gloom. The micro bubble of online business seems to be doing pretty well in comparison.

Woman planning in monthly planner
Intentional planning

Let's get ready to make this quarter the best yet- because it should be! Here in the UK, the sun is shining, the birds are singing, the kids are still off school......WAIT- what???

Yep, kids aren't back until September, so we need to maintain that homeschool bubble for a few weeks longer.

But thats ok. Because I am going to talk you through planning the next quarter- so that you feel happy with the next 3 months coming up.

Embracing minimalism in your planning

One of the core principles of minimalism is being intentional. And yes, if we are planning we are being intentional. But we need to go one step deeper.

I want you to revisit 2 things that are core to your business:

  • your why

  • your success story

So for example, if your why is that you set up your business so that you could be at home for your children and part of your success story is to be able to spend more time with them during the day this needs to become a core principle of your planning.

Goal Setting

Ideally, you already have your core goals for the year. I recommend no more than four- but ideally you will have more than one. An income goal will be one of those-but not alone. Minimalism reminds us that it is not about the wealth that we accumulate, but to look further- at the impact we are having.

I also like to have a goal that relates to showing up as a thought leader- expertise related. Plus an operational goal- as a Certified OBM, I know that if you forget the operations, the business will not head in the right direction.

Ready to plan

Once you revisited your bigger goals, your why and your success story you are ready to plan.

This is the process that I follow:

  1. Review the last quarter-what is your baseline? Where are you starting from?

  2. Look at the time you have available- the kids are off school- therefore I know this is not going to be my most productive quarter.

  3. Look at your goals for the year- what MUST you do to make progress?

  4. List all the tasks that have to be done to meet that goal.

  5. Spread them out over the next 3 months- with some breathing room for catching up/celebrating if you've achieved them.

You should now have a clear plan.

Top tip

Revisiting that why and success story was important for another reason. My next step is to revisit my plan for the working week and I change it up.

One of the reasons I left my job was because I wanted freedom around the kids. So now we are heading more towards the holidays, I change my work timetable. I work for a solid four hours in the morning- until lunch. I then have time with the kids until around 4pm, when they get to watch TV before dinner- so I get another 90 minutes in. I then am around for bedtime, and work again for another 90 minutes in the evening.

This might seem bitty- but it actually works- as I have clear time to work on professional development in the evenings- which doesn't feel like working. As a result, I am happier and so are the kids that I am not working all day.

And when they go back to school, I will change it up again. I LOVE THIS! It gives me the freedom I wanted when building a business. Its on my terms! And it feeds into my why.

Oh- and one last thing. It's never too late to plan. If you've never done it before- get started now. It will make you feel in more control of your business.

Rachel Aiken is an educator, former Certified Online Business Manager, turned Minimalist Business Strategist for ambitious women who are looking to simplify their online business.

She has worked with some of the most successful female coaches around the world shaping their business in alignment with their vision for success.

As a speaker, she has shared her story with small private audiences, to podcasts with audiences of hundreds.

Rachel is known for simplifying business. Because keeping it simple means more time, money and freedom to do the things you love.

As the Minimalist Business Strategist, she supports ambitious women to move from

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