Are you making these 3 common mistakes in your coaching business?

Throughout my online career, I have worked with coaches and consultants. By the time I started to work with them they were bringing in 6 figures and overwhelmed with their business. When I looked at where we were, it was interesting to see they all had some things in common- and this was how their business had grown.

So, today I thought I would share with you the three common mistakes I see coaches make, in the hope you don’t make them too.

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Are you getting lost among the crowd?

Mistake 1: Confusing your audience.

Your audience needs to know that you can help them. Having multiple offers- i.e. too many ways for people to work with you, too many programs, they are not going to know that YOU are their person. But this also goes further- you can confuse them because you think you need to serve that person at different stages. Then this leads to mixed messaging. So no one knows what you do, or who for, or how.

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Are you embracing your expertise?

Mistake 2: Not embracing your expertise.

What does this mean? Well, I bet that you had a job before you transitioned to the online world. AND I bet a lot of that expertise you built up, you left there and felt like you needed to start again when you moved online? Hmm. Me too. It was only when I embraced the YEARS of expertise that I had- and looked at how it translated to the online business world that I could step into where I really wanted to go. What can you bring with you?

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Trading time for money

Mistake 3: Offering 1:1 for too long

Yes, I get it. We’re told to start off with 1:1 clients as it's easier to get the required income amount. But the biggest mistake I see is coaches and consultants not knowing a) what the limit is on their 1:1 commitments - because it's not just the time on that call, it's the admin that goes with it and b) thinking that they have to fire 1:1 clients when they want to start a group program. So, they just continue to offer 1:1 until they are overwhelmed and on the verge of burnout.

Super simple, but I hope these were helpful.

I know you can do this,


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