3 ways to stop playing small in your business

It's so easy to play small in business and quite often if you are a Mum, you are more likely to play small- often because you are worried about getting the balance right. Kids and business is a hard balance- if we tell ourselves we can't be successful AND be around for our kids.

Let's ditch the small- and think bigger! When we do, not only will we have a business that will be sustainable, but also be setting an amazing example to our kids!

1. Dream bigger

When you ask your kids what do you want to be when you grow up- they don't think about whether they can achieve it. They will just tell you. My daughter wants to be a scientist- she loves Marie Curie. She doesn't think about whether she will get to do double science at GCSE, or which A-Levels she needs to take because they are just certain that is what they want to be.

So, if you could dream bigger, where would it take you? I know I would have a housekeeper, I would be working a lot less than I do now, that I would take amazing holidays with the kids.

I also know once I have those dreams written down, I am likely to achieve them. I will then move on to the next step...

2. Plan for the long term

Planning is key to any success, but failing to plan beyond the next year could keep you playing small.

Having an idea of where you are heading will help you think bigger. I sat down recently and rewrote my 5-year and 10-year dream' of what my life would look like.

My top tip- if you have kids- is to write down how old they will be. Why? Because it will affect the type of holidays you will be having and also make you realise what stage they will be at.

In 5 years time, my kids will be 11 and 12. I know that it will be the last summer where they will be happy to hang out as a family as much, so I know to plan for that.

In ten years they will be 16 and 17. I doubt I will see as much of them then- they will be out with friends, have summer jobs etc.

It means that the dreams for your life- and your business will be very different. You can plan your business in stages around where your family will be.

3. Get support

Hiring a business coach is the key to giving you the confidence to unlock those big dreams. Speaking your dreams out loud to someone, the reasons for them and discussing how you can make them reality AND supporting it will get you dreaming bigger.

They will also challenge you on why you are playing small in some areas- and again support you in overcoming those beliefs. They will hold you accountable to your goals- so that you meet them. A lot sooner than if you try to do it alone.

In the Minimalist Business Academy, this is exactly what we do. We discuss your dreams, we plan them out and then with my support, we make them a reality in all aspects of your business, which will accelerate your results.

Rachel Aiken is an educator, former Certified Online Business Manager, turned Minimalist Business Strategist for ambitious women who are looking to simplify their online business.

She has worked with some of the most successful female coaches around the world shaping their business in alignment with their vision for success.

As a speaker, she has shared her story with small private audiences, to podcasts with audiences of hundreds.

Rachel is known for simplifying business. Because keeping it simple means more time, money and freedom to do the things you love.

As the Minimalist Business Strategist, she supports ambitious women to move from

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