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What are the features of a legacy?

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What are the core elements of a legacy in business?

When we think of legacy, we usually think of ‘what will people say about me when I die’. Which translates to: Did I live a good life? Did I make a difference?

In business, those same thoughts translate as ‘Did I make an impact? Did I transform lives? And How is my business bigger than me?’

There are three elements of a business with legacy at its heart.

Getting results.

Businesses with a great legacy focus on the results their clients get. Not just for great sales copy but because they are invested. Why? Because they know that when a client gets great results they are more likely to make another purchase, therefore increasing profits.

This does not mean that it is your responsibility to get your clients results- instead it means that you have done everything you can to set your clients up for success. It takes establishing your own unique method to get results and ensuring there is access to everything those clients need so that they get those results. It means being an expert not only in your field but also your own clients' results- how they got them, what it took so that you can embed it into your group program curriculum.

However, results are not in isolation.

The client experience.

Businesses with legacy as their focus ensure that every time their clients interact with their business they get a great service. In a group program, as a minimum would look like: calls are on time, that recordings are available and are accessible to all. That there are plenty of ways to join the call- you get the gist.

The client experience enhances the clients getting results. This would include that there are specific places to ask questions and they get responses within a specific frame time. That the curriculum and learning material are easily accessible, so that learning is simple and easy to implement.

And the team are just as invested- so that every touch point is an extension of a touch point with you. The overall idea is that if your students are unlikely to see immediate results, the experience is SO great, they still feel like they are getting a great learning experience, so will continue to engage in the curriculum.

Innovative leadership.

To create a legacy, it has a top down approach and comes from confident leadership. They have a clear plan for creating the legacy, what it looks like in their business and importantly HOW they will make it happen. The CEO recognises their is a bigger mission than the business- it is about making a wider impact.

At an industry level this would be making an impact with your expertise and becoming an authority. Developing it deeper rather than broader. This involves experimenting with the way you do things, so that you can truly revolutionise your industry by changing the ‘norms’ . At the business level this includes how you lead your team, alongside leading your clients to consistent results. And crucially, it's also on a personal level- how you lead yourself as the CEO of your business and your life to ensure you get results.

The key is that all three elements are present and are not created in isolation- and that they are seen as the foundations. As all businesses are uniques there may be additional features that will ensure your authority in your industry.

And if you're not sure what it may look like, look to the offline world. Think of a business that you know and think about the legacy they are building. What lessons can you bring from them to your own business?


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