Why you need a 10-year vision

Do you have a superpower? I bet you do- I am sure there is something that you can do so much better than most people.

I know you have a superpower because you did what most mortals feared to do. You took a leap and started your own business. And interestingly, we hear that lots more people started an online business in 2020, but stats from the UK only show a 1.2% rise.

So, I want you to think back- (in superhero terms this would be our origin story) to what made you start your business. This is your ‘why’. Maybe you wanted to have the freedom to be your own boss, maybe more time with the kids, maybe you wanted to increase your earning potential. Maybe it's all three. I wanted the freedom of choice- which encompasses all three.

Now I want you to think about how you felt. When you took that leap, I bet you felt fearful, but also excited. And that you had a ‘knowing’. That this was the right thing for you to do and that you could do it.

Then you started to follow all these amazing people online- people who had gone before you. And that confidence started to dwindle a bit. Because you were hearing all these messages. You need to try this, do this, be here, no- be there.

So you got confused. And then you get further along the path, maybe take a certification, sign up for more support. And it all starts to feel too much, you have no idea what you’re doing, where you’re going, and it snowballs….you feel like a failure and like you have created a job. Wouldn’t it be easier to go out and get a job instead???


I totally get it. This was me. When I first started out I had a clear plan- to start as a Virtual Assistant and transition to Online Business Manager (OBM). Which I did and was certified within a year. I then invested in a coach to get clients and it worked. But when I realised that it wasn’t the work that ‘lit me up’ I became lost. I started fumbling around, trying this and that, because I was fearful. Because I knew what I was giving up (like starting at square one again).

After throwing thousands of dollars in coaching- at what I thought was going to be the magic pill to get the result, I had the realisation that I wasn’t even following my own strategic advice.

The biggest piece missing was my 10-year vision.

In every single program I offer or have offered- this is what we start with- even when I worked with ⅞ figure coaches I wanted to know the vision.

All superheroes have a vision!

Why? Because it guides their mission- strategy and decision making.

When we don’t know where we are going, we make decisions based on fear. When we have a vision, we make the decision based on that. I have seen what the lack of vision does in a business- it causes chaos, overwhelm and eventually burnout. It means a lack of a plan.

The vision then informs the plan. I love planning- but it doesn’t mean you have a detailed plan for the next 10 years! There are then mini visions- 1 year and 3 years. I USED to plan for a full year. But that doesn’t work. We want to work towards that mini vision of a year ahead- and then plan in 90-day chunks (and I have a method within that 90-day planning to keep it simple!).

In short- it means you can be intentional about everything you do!

Now, I get it. This takes time. Time that you probably think you don’t have- because you are busy hustling, trying to serve your clients. But I promise you, it is worth doing.

My recent VIP day client Toni, specifically mentioned the 10-year vision in her testimonial- ‘I hadn’t thought about a 10-year plan or even a 5-year plan, because I was so stuck in the weeds of the day to day work’. And she has literally transferred her business as a result of the plan we created.

There are specific reasons why it works- it gives you the belief that your business will still be here in 10 years. It gives you a clear focus- and a marker to make decisions by. It helps you invest in the right support for where you want to go- whether that's coaching, certifications or hiring new team members. It stops you from running your business based on fear.

It is THE first step in your simple business journey for a reason- you need to know the destination and then you can create the simplest journey to get there.

Rachel Aiken is an educator, former Certified Online Business Manager, turned Minimalist Business Strategist for ambitious women who are looking to simplify their online business.

She has worked with some of the most successful female coaches around the world shaping their business in alignment with their vision for success.

As a speaker, she has shared her story with small private audiences, to podcasts with audiences of hundreds.

Rachel is known for simplifying business. Because keeping it simple means more time, money and freedom to do the things you love.

As the Minimalist Business Strategist, she supports ambitious women to move from

1: many with her unique EASE system.

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