The Simple Business 

2021 Planning day

8th January 2021

Are you looking for a simpler business?

As women, we have so much going on- building a business, raising a family, running a home, that sometimes it can get just too much. No wonder when we create our vision it involves being on a beach somewhere!


So, I invite you to join me for just one day together where we will go through the EXACT steps, I take with my clients when we create your simple business strategy for the year- and start to make your vision a reality. 

Having a business plan gives you clarity, consistency and confidence

Who doesn't want that?

What we'll do

In this amazing online session we will: 

  • Review 2020 

  • Set your goals (intentions) and map out your vision for 2021

  • Complete your 2021 finances (we plan based on numbers)

  • Map out your marketing and launch plan for the whole year so you know what to do and when 

  • Map out the next 90 days in detail

I will also be doing 4 days of pre-work in our exclusive facebook group - that will help you get back into the swing of things after the Christmas break.


Plus the workbook and planning tools you need on the day!

The day will look like this: 

Session 1: 1pm - 3pm GMT (7am-9am CST)

Break (3pm- 4pm)

Session 2: 4pm - 6pm GMT (10am-12noon CST)

Clock and Plant
Hey there, I'm Rachel Aiken

I'm the Minimalist Business Coach- and I help purpose-driven female entrepreneurs simply grow and scale their online business to make their vision of life a reality. 

My mission is to help more women create a simpler business that is not only successful but perfect for you- just the way you are. 

As a former Certified OBM to 6, 7 and 8 figure coaches, and a busy Mum of two, I know we can too easily get sucked into the 'hustle' and be left with a business that is just another busy job and quite often overwhelmed.

The only way I know to get clarity, consistency and confidence in business is through effective planning- and implementing the plan. 5-day challenges don't work for doing this deep work- it needs intensive time- which is why I am doing this over 4 hours with you, but at a low cost. 

To do this 1:1 costs hundreds of dollars- but because I know that more women in business like you need this, you will get the same guided support- just in a group setting on zoom at a lower price. 

What are you waiting for?

Get your ticket to a simpler 2021 NOW!

Just $47 for a year of clarity, consistency and confidence. 

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