Rachel Aiken

Minimalist Business Coach

Certified Online Business Manager

Certified Fix This Next Advisor


Rachel Aiken is known as The Minimalist Business Coach, who helps women simply EVOLVE their online business to give them the time, money and freedom they dream of. 

With over 20 years of industry experience, including leading mentoring Newly Qualified Teachers to Outstanding status, Rachel entered the entrepreneurial world as a Certified Online Business Manager, supporting 6, 7 and 8 figure coaching companies in the UK and Europe. 


Her passion is mentoring ambitious female entrepreneurs who left their successful career to get that ever-elusive work-life balance, to become rockstars of their own business and making their vision a reality. In her experience, she believes that the biggest mistake we can make is focusing solely on sales and marketing, rather than the whole of the business. Rachel’s signature MBA style 'EVOLVE' program encompasses clear, no-nonsense minimalist strategies so that Women can build a simple, yet sustainable and scalable business to enjoy more time, money and freedom. 


Rachel has featured on a number of Podcasts, including Uncover Wealth Radio, and is currently writing a book on how the principles of minimalism are essential to drive and scale your business. She also hosts the Get Your Sh*t Together Society, where she delivers weekly training on all the fundamentals needed to run a successful, yet minimalist-inspired business.

Her mission is to support 1,000 women to create a sustainable, minimalist business by 2025. 


Here are some of the topics that she can speak about:

  • Building a futureproof business- using the principles of minimalism

  • Simple Business Goal setting

  • Why purpose is the key to Women succeeding in online business


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