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Do you want to grow your business AND have more time to enjoy life?

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The real question is...

HOW do you grow your business AND have more time to enjoy life?

  • there are countless programs and courses out there- and I am sure, like me, you have bought most of them

  • you have never completed them as you can't find the time

  • all the freebies you have downloaded promise the same

  • but where do you start?

  • and where do you focus your time?

Welcome to

Minimalist Business University

Through adapting the principles of minimalism to business alongside my experience and 

expertise as

  • a Certified OBM,

  • Fix This Next Advisor

  • 15 years mentoring in Education

  • 9 years as an outstanding middle leader


I can teach you how to grow and scale your business AND enjoy your life more through the MBU:  


Audit and refresh the heart of your business and reconnect with your passion


Let's get your sales and marketing startegy working like a well oiled machine


Simple systems to ensure your business can work without you

The MBU teaches you the skills and strategies you need for business now- and in the future

  • A simple business plan for the next 5 years- so you don't need to sit down at the beginning of each quarter wondering 'what's next?'

  • A tailor-made sales and marketing plan- that makes it easy to be consistent and more time to make real connections

  • A straightforward profitability strategy- so that you know you have financial security

  • Streamlined operations and processes in place- making it easier to bring on a team to support you- leaving you with more time to be with those you love

  • The understanding of what to do each day, week, month and quarter- and how to set simple, actionable goals that will help your business grow- and that you can use again and again- so that you are leading your business forward. 



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Yes! I am ready to grow my business

Not that long ago, I was in your shoes

I was overwhelmed with trying to build a profitable income and a work-life balance and didn't feel like any of it was working. 

Don't get me wrong- I was successfully working with 7 and 8 figure coaches as their OBM something was missing. I was meant to help MORE Women grow a successful business. 

I looked at all the mistakes my clients had made and realised that there was something missing- the complete online business program where you can learn everything-

- a business that would run like clockwork 

- a business model that was simple to follow

- how and when to hire 

- creating freedom- to work the hours that you want

- to be able to take a holiday without your laptop

- to wake up everyday knowing what you needed to do as a minimum so that you could take the morning/afternoon/whole day off if you wanted and you wouldn't be left with more to do the next day

You're one step away from getting results like Rossanna: 

Your program has taken away the fear of running my own business. You've made it fun to work on and easily achievable. I've never felt more confident and empowered!
Dr Rossanna Massey, Trauma Queen


  • Show up and lead your clients and community- with clarity and flair

  • Confidence to make the right decisions at the right time

  • Resilience: that you can weather the journey- even in times of uncertainty

  • Being 100% present when you spend time with those you love




The program has been designed to get the best results for YOU and YOUR business.

Once complete you will have a framework you can continue to use as you grow. 

  • A combination of live and pre-recorded teachings covering the strategies and systems you need to get you to the next level

  • Weekly implementation sessions- where we work together on zoom, and when you have questions - I am right there to ask

  • 12- month access to a Private Facebook Community for accountability and support

  • Guest expert teachings- from those whose expertise is invaluable to your growth

Image by Alex Loup
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You're ready because...

  • You're bringing in consistent 3k+ months - and you feel your business needs 'fixing'

  • You've got an existing client base

  • You want to step up and be a leader- you are fed up of playing small 

  • You are tired of juggling- without the rewards

  • You're an action taker and ready to put in the work to get to the next level

  • You want a roadmap of what to do, from someone who has done it before for other peoples businesses- and with other people who are where you want be

Why work with me?

  • Teaching is my thing (have I told you about the story of me as a four-year-old?). Learning and knowledge opens doors- and I want it to open doors for you- to the life, you envisioned when you gave up your career

  • I am a Certified Online Business Manager- which means I had training and had to pass an intensive week of tasks to ensure that I could support 6, 7 and 8 figure business owners. I know my stuff. 

  • I am a Certified Fix This Next Advisor- and I weave my training into the program- so that you too can identify when your business needs fixing and how to fix it

  • Not only was I a teacher and led a department (to get great results for my students), I also mentored new teachers- to pass their training - to an outstanding level. I strive for excellence and I look for the same in my students.

  • My superpower is seeing the potential in others and nurturing them to fulfil that potential. I want the best for you and your business. 

YES! I'm ready to grow my business AND enjoy my life more

Applications are open for January 2021

Access to the MBU is through application only. 


Have questions before you sign up? No problem-as part of your application, we will have a call to make sure the program is suitable for you. 

Why? Because I have signed up for courses and programs that I shouldn't have been on, and I only want those whose business is ready for this stage and will get results. 

Pay Monthly

6 payments of


Total payment: $2100

Pay in Full

One time payment of


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