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Become an authority
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Join us for a 12 month program with the in-depth support and accountability you need to successfully thrive online and create the life you want to live. 

Everyone tells you to make an online business work, that you need to hustle- and hustle hard.

I disagree. 


Creating a successful business without sacrificing your health, wellbeing and time with your loved ones is important because for us, as women, they are all connected. 

But balancing them? This is the tricky part. 

You prioritise family time but no matter how organised you are there always seems to be something that creeps in…. and you’ll be just another half an hour.


You schedule in time for workouts and downtime- just for you. However, something always comes up and that to-do list, well it just keeps growing


And no matter how hard you work, there always seems to be something else that is ESSENTIAL to your business succeeding, so all those extra luxuries you were going to treat yourself to, well, they can just wait a little longer. 


Does this sound familiar? You’re not alone. 


I’ve been there too. These are exactly the same issues I had in my first few years in business. 


But that changed when I stepped up as a thought leader and simplified my business


I redesigned my business on my terms in alignment with who I am and the life I want for myself and my family. 

Since then I have helped Women, like you, go from overwhelmed and overworked, to making a bigger impact and enjoying the freedom an online business can give. 


  • Like Ali, who shifted her textile business to predominantly online (just as COVID hit) so that she had the flexibility to manage her ongoing illness. 

  • My client Rossanna, who wanted a new, simpler way of looking at her business, so she could spend more time with her elderly mother. 

Image by Scott Webb
Image by Sarah Dorweiler

For Women to get real growth in our business, we need to celebrate our expertise and simplify our business. 

​Running a business is beyond just marketing and tactics- it’s about time, money and energy.

If we are not caring for ourselves and balancing our work with our lives then we become tired, stressed out and that's when shiny object syndrome kicks in - the latest quick fix or 'do this' for overnight success. 

And then we start to doubt ourselves even further. 


Instead, we need to: 

  • Develop new boundaries and create a schedule that works for the life we want- NOW

  • Understand who we are, celebrate our skillset and step into our thought leader role

  • Know what is essential in our business, so we are not wasting our energy on irrelevant tactics. 

  • Feel confident to move from 1:1 to 1:many so that we can make a greater impact without stretching ourselves further. 

  • Have the right support at the right time around us. 


When I met Rossanna, she had been managing her highly successful business for 15 years- and she was temporarily stuck.


She knew she needed support to get going again, but wanted a simpler business that would fit around having her Mama at home with her. 

Within a month of implementing our work (and as Covid hit) she had transformed her business and had a new set of raving fans that asked her to create a membership- so she did!

"Your program has taken away the fear of running my own business. You've made it fun to work on and easily achievable. I've never felt more confident and empowered!"

Dr Rossanna Massey,

Trauma Queen

This isn’t only about learning to simplify your business, it’s about actually doing it.  

Don’t worry, it doesn’t need to be difficult. 

Managing and running your online business CAN be simple when you follow the right strategies and are presented with all the options, which are broken down into clear, simple steps with support every step of the way. 

But when I looked for a program that would help me confidently show up as an thought leader AND create a simple business that fits around my life- I couldn’t find it. 

Everything was focused on working longer hours and hustling. 

I tried them and they didn’t work. Because they weren’t in alignment with who I am. 


Which means I didn’t get the results. 

Which left me feeling like I had failed- not only myself but also my family. 

I now know that it was because I had tried what had worked for them and it wasn’t going to work for me because I wasn’t them. 

And you’re not me. 

So that’s exactly why I created Lead with Simplicity for you. 

This isn’t only about learning to simplify your business, it’s about actually doing it. 

Hi, I'm Rachel. 

I left my 15-year career in the UK Education sector when it no longer was compatible with being a Mum.


Because I wanted to still have a meaningful career, I quickly became a Virtual Assistant,  then Online Business Manager. 

My business took off when I embraced my expertise and became a Certified OBM to some pretty amazing 6,7 and 8 figure female coaches across the world. In that time I learned a lot about the complexities and pitfalls of business, that when that business model no longer served me, I knew my next step. 

So, I celebrated the 15 years of experience I had from teaching, mentoring and assessing standards in education and now use it to help women like you create the business of their dreams- by keeping it simple and confidently stepping into your thought leader role- so that you can make a greater impact not only on the lives of your clients but also your own. 


Lead with Simplicity is more than just another online program- because the focus is on implementing what you learn.

I know you’ve heard it before- the big promises- because I have too. 

But I created this program with my educational background in mind. Which is where the difference comes in. As a fully qualified teacher, I know how to get results. 

And it’s not just about the learning- it’s about taking the action and making the changes in your business. You’ll have access to pre-recorded sessions, but the focus is on the implementation sessions- where you can ask questions as you make the changes. 

We will never give you anything you don’t need. As it’s a year-long program, there is a lot of content, however, with the 90-day pathways, you will be clear on what to do next and when to watch any supplemental sessions. There are clear action steps to take from each session, so there is no overwhelm, no confusion, just progress. 


When Ali asked me for support with bringing her business online in February 2020 she had just spent another Autumn season selling her textiles not only in her physical shop but also at markets. 

She had just entered her 4th year in business and wanted a simpler business to focus on her health. 

Within a month of implementing our work (and as Covid hit) she had transformed her business into 80: 20 online/offline, built a loyal online following that meant she knew that when she posted on Instagram she was guaranteed at least 3 sales. 

"I can't believe it- its November, I've been ill all weekend and I have made the same in revenue as I would at a market!" 

Ali Cottrell, 

Textiles Designer

Lead with Simplicity is an action-oriented group program where you simplify your business and step into becoming a thought leader.

In Lead with Simplicity, you will: 

  • Simplify your offer

  • Get clarity on your business vision and design it in alignment 

  • Build your online authority without sapping your energy

  • Get the support and accountability to take consistent action 

  • Become confident with your next steps

  • Make the impact you are here to make

  • Create your own work-life balance


  • gain the freedom to live the life you want!

Image by Alex Loup

Are you ready to create a simpler business and step into your thought leader role?


Here is all the support and accountability you get with Lead with Simplicity

When you join us for this 12-month program you’ll get: 

  • Monthly 1:1 with Rachel

  • Weekly focus sessions- to start your week off the right way

  • Pre-recorded learning content: sessions that give you not only the what, but also the why, that you can watch at a time to suit you. 

  • Weekly 2 hour implementation sessions with Rachel- where you get real-time access to ask questions while you are taking action

  • Any templates/trackers that you’ll need- to supplement the learning- including ‘how-to’ tutorials. 

  • Private Facebook Community- where you’ll get daily journal prompts, weekly accountability posts and celebrations!


Lead with Simplicity

12 month group program


Payment Plan of 12 X $397 also available

This price is guaranteed until 1 July 2021, when the price will increase. 

Read This Carefully

Lead with Simplicity has a no refund policy. 

It is for action takers- those who want to learn and make a difference. 

Lead with Simplicity is packed full of value but you need to be willing to take action now and take advantage of everything that is on offer. The program gives you all that you need to build and grow your online business if you are willing to focus, put your hand up, ask questions, take advantage of the coaching calls and implement the strategies we share with you.

The 90 day pathways


  • declutter your business

  • Get clear on what type of business you want

  • get clear on the right strategies for your business


  • create your offer suite​

  • formulate your 1:many offer

  • decide the right pathway to sell it

  • embrace your thought leader role

Leading with



  • turn clients into life long fans

  • learn how to listen to your audience

  • transform your client experience

Leading with



  • expand your thought leader status

  • expand your marketing

  • become more visible to your ideal client

First 90 days:

Lead with clarity

Leading with

your Expertise

Where do you want to be in a year?

We know that a lot can change in a year. 

So imagine this. 

You join Lead with Simplicity and

  • You’ve created and shared your 1:many offer with the world

  • You’ve made sales and celebrated your wins

  • You’re showing up and sharing your knowledge and embracing being a thought leader

  • Your business runs smoothly and predictably

  • You feel proud, confident and successful. 

But to do this you need to take that leap. That’s why Lead with Simplicity is application only. 

So that we can both be sure that the program is right for you- now. If it’s not, I will tell you. 

This is my invitation to you to apply, to think about the possibilities and take action. 

And I will be here supporting you every step of the way. 

Are you joining us?

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm just starting out, is this right for me? 

No, this is for those who already have clients and some experience of online business. I won't be teaching start-up strategies. Although, please get in touch and ask for details of my First Steps to Simplify Program.

How long do I have access to the materials?

You will receive access to the materials for the 12 months of the Program. This is to ensure you do the work and implement it in your business as necessary. 

How do I know your method will work for me?

I have been teaching for almost 20 years and the women who I have worked with already are getting great results. However, you will need to make a commitment to spend at least 3-4 hours a week implementing the learning into your business- which is why the implementation sessions are great for getting results. There is never a guarantee- because I can't make you do the work!


Lead with Simplicity

12 month group program


Payment Plan of 12 X $397 also available

This price is guaranteed until 1 July 2021, when the price will increase. 

Disclaimer: We cannot take responsibility for your sales and are not making a specific promise regarding your sales numbers. If you take action and implement the strategies, you will absolutely see tangible results, but these will differ from business to business and depend on a variety of factors (such as the size of your audience, your commitment, previous efforts and so on).