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Signature Program Incubator

Create and sell your signature program in 6 months

So that you can help more clients, make more money AND have more time to look after YOU

A 6 month 1:1 bespoke programme for female entrepreneurs who want to scale their service based business with a group programme.

Here's what you'll walk away with: 

  • Your Signature Success Blueprint: the vision for your life and how your business supports it, so that we can use it to build a programme that honours your life and guide future decision making.

  • A unique methodology so that your program is legitimately forged on your TRUE expertise and helps build your authority. 

  • A Signature Program curriculum that is designed to get your clients outstanding results so that they rave about you and their experience and do your marketing for you!

  • A Results Map- making it clear who your Signature Program is for, how you get them results and most importantly any prerequisites- so that you KNOW who is a right fit for working with you. 

  • Learning engagement skills: used to create video content that keeps your clients engaged and most importantly take action so that MORE of your clients complete your program.

  • A program experience that is so beautifully designed that your students feel supported every step of the way so that they stick with doing the work- even when it gets tricky (and reduce the refund requests). 

  • How to use data to inform the tweaks needed for further client success so that you can confidently keep your clients on track.

  • Clear messaging: we’ll develop your thought leadership and combine it with your unique methodology, which becomes your messaging so that marketing becomes second nature and you begin to establish your place in your industry. 

Get started: book a call

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How it works: 

  • 6 months together tailor made to you so that we can go at your pace and build on any work you have done previously. 

  • A 75 minute kick off call where we set you up for success- so that we can ensure you have the time to do the work 

  • A 90 minute call to discover your Signature Success Blueprint so that we evolve your business in honour of your life

  • Fortnightly 60 min 1:1 calls so that we can work through the 3 success activators/phases- with recordings and homework so that you know you are working on the right action steps.  

  • Templates, worksheets, pre-recorded training as needed so that you can take action on the tasks rather than figuring it out yourself. 

  • Review of any work you do, as required so that you are confidently building the right foundations. 

  • Mon-Fri Voxer access so that you can ask questions/get feedback immediately rather than waiting for our next call.

All for only $750 a month ($4500 total)

This is for you if: 
  • You’re an expert at what you do- you have been doing what you do for at least a year and are getting your clients results

  • You probably have a background in what you do and/or have taken a certification in what you do

  • have maxed out your 1:1 capacity or close to

  • Are making consistent $5k+ months

  • Ready to take action/do the work and understand that it might mean doing MORE work now to get the pay off later

  • You want someone to guide you- not do it all for you

This is NOT for you if: 
  • You’re looking to pivot your business- I can help you with this in Strategic Foundations found here

  • You’re only just starting out, because you won’t have the foundational knowledge needed in business, or your expertise

  • You’ve only worked with 2-3 clients or haven’t got a process you use with clients- instead I can help you grow your business in Strategic Foundations found here

  • You already have a group program - I can help you accelerate your success in Signature Program Accelerator here

Melissa Froehlich

“Rachel is an incredible resource, and quite frankly an asset for my programs.  She is savvy, experienced, and takes a unique approach to strategy in order to encourage people to think about what matters to them as individuals.  Her extensive experience in the education space combined with her online business savviness makes her a secret weapon to enhance any program or experience.  If you want an instant value-add for your clients, reach out to Rachel.  She's worth it on every level"

Sarah Khan

Working with Rachel was such a joy. She helped me develop an idea that had been kicking around in my head for over a year. And gave me the step-by-step on how to move forward with it. If you’re waffling about trying to figure out your next steps in developing your program, talk to Rachel.

Amy Kehs

Working with Rachel is like a virtual warm hug. I wanted to create a group program that meant something that brought my clients tangible results. She not only helped me do that but she also brought actual accountability to my business. My revenue doubled this year and I know that it is because of her proven process and guidance.

Get started: book a call


Our call guarantee

Booking a call is to ensure that your business is a right fit for the program and for you to ask the questions you have. It is a no obligation chat, where I will invite you to work with me ONLY if it feels right for us both AND I will never ask for payment on the call.

When you click the link, it will take you to a form to introduce your business to me before the call, so we have more time for your questions.


What is the difference between a group program and a signature program?

A signature program becomes your MAIN offer- its what you become known for. It is a group program designed around your expertise. It does not mean you do not have other offers- but it becomes the MAIN or ONE thing that you sell. It could be the first step to someone working with you- and then they move through other ‘hidden’ offers once they are a raving fan.

I already have a group program- is this the right program for me?

If you already have a group program, I suggest that you look at Signature Program Accelerator- which is where we look at your current program and how you can accelerate its success. 

Rachel, you’re UK based and I live in North America- can we work together?

Yes! The majority of my clients are in GMT, EST and CST time zones. If you are in the US or Canada our calls will be in the morning (your time).

Get started: book a call

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