Fix This next is the fastest way to get your business to the next level. 
I'm a Certified Fix This Next Advisor and can help you get there!

"The biggest problem entrepreneurs have is that they don't know what their biggest problem is. If you find yourself trapped between stagnating sales, staff turnover, and unhappy customers, what do you fix first? Every issue seems urgent -- but there's no way to address all of them at once. The result? A business that continues to go in endless circles putting out urgent fires and prioritizing the wrong things."

- Mike Michalowicz, Fix This Next

How does Fix This Next work?

Fix This Next is a business methodology created by Mike Michalowicz. Inspired by Maslow's hierarchy of human needs, Mike posed the question, "what is the hierarchy of the needs of a business?


Fix This Next is the answer.

You can order the book here. Essentially you can solve your company's most vital need in 4 steps:

1. Schedule your Fix This

Next Evaluation

2. Determine your company's most vital need

3. Fix your company's most vital need

4. Continually grow your business

Take the free Fix This Next Assessment here and then book your evaluation session to fix your company's most vital need!
As a certified Fix This Next Advisor, we start by examining your basic needs for cash flow and profit.
Then, you can elevate your business into a profitable, sustainable lifestyle business or a legacy enterprise that thrives indefinitely. 
Fix This Next pinpoints the exact next step you need to take, and as a Fix This Next Coach, I can help you get there!


The free Fix This Next assessment will help you pinpoint your vital need, but then what? 
Once you understand where your creative business falls in the hierarchy, you can spot where your business needs attention next. 
As a Fix This Next Advisor and coach I can help you find the fix for your vital need so your business can level-up quickly.

As a Certified OBM and business coach becoming a Fix This Next Advisor complements my ability to help you.


I'm experienced in helping coaches and creative entrepreneurs grow profitable and sustainable businesses. I've worked with high profile female coaches (with signed NDA's), solopreneurs and pretty much everything in between.

I can show you how to continue to grow your business without impacting on your time and freedom.


Take the free Fix This Next assessment now and then book your Evaluation Session!

Who is Fix This Next Coaching for?

The Fix This Next approach applies to ANY business, regardless of size, across any field or industry. Every online business owner can benefit from Fix This Next Coaching, but here are some of my past clients: 

  • Creative Entrepreneurs

  • Coaches

  • Solopreneurs

With over 15 years of working in quality assurance in the education sector and a few more in the online world, I am uniquely experienced to help almost any business owner achieve a business that has the impact they desire. 


Add my credentials as a Certified OBM and Fix This Next Advisor to the mix, and I am suitably skilled to help you get to the next level.

Take the free Fix This Next assessment first and then book your Evaluation Session to get there!

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