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Hi, I'm Rachel

Some say I'm a group program consultant, in my world I create revolutionaries

I'm Rachel, a passionate advocate for innovation in education- both in the online and offline world.

My life imploded at 17 when I was kicked out of home.
Prior to that point, I loved school.
Overnight, it became my lifeline.

Getting to University became the key to transforming my life.
When I got there, I quickly became an advocate for innovating practices so more students had a greater chance of getting life changing results.

Little did I know this would become my life's work.

I began a 15 year career working in some of the top UK universities and on a major government project, leading change in student experience. But it wasn't enough. Wanting to create a bigger impact, I went back to Uni and became a high school History teacher, teaching in challenging schools in outer London. Within a year I was leading my department, innovating curriculum to get better results and developing new teachers.

When my career and motherhood clashed, I left it all behind and started my own online business. I began consulting to 6 and 7 figure business coaches on strategy and development.

I soon recognised that there were common mistakes that these businesses were making with their group programs that were preventing them from scaling sustainably.


Due to my background in education, I identified a gap where I have the knowledge and skills to help. 

I can support with

  • getting better results for more clients

  • creating an experience that enhances results

  • developing a methodology unique to your experience

so you can make a greater impact- and revolutionise your industry.

Combining my 20 years of experience I designed Legacy Mapping to be the first step to take your existing group program from in demand to industry dominator- and create your legacy.


Start building your legacy by taking one simple step

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