Some call me the Marie Kondo of Online Programs, others the Program Whisperer but I prefer Revolutionary Guide- because when we work together we will be changing the world- for you and your clients!


For 15 years, I ensured university and school programmes delivered on their promise alongside training the next generation of teachers, before I left to consult as a Certified Online Business Manager, working with high-level business owners who wanted to grow and scale their online businesses. 


My extensive experience alongside being a fully qualified teacher means I have unique skills to support your program to become the gold standard in your industry. 




Did you know that: 

  • the average course completion rate is 15%?

  • the average program completion rate is 52%? 

  • only 2% of female-led businesses make 7 figures in annual revenue?

  • a staggering 90% of female-led businesses don’t make six figures? 


I’m on a mission for women to change the world- by changing these stats.  For me, Education is the KEY DRIVER. When we have GREAT programs focused on results and innovation and teach women how to be successful in business, we are creating a legacy- not only for ourselves but also for our clients AND generations to come. 


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