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90 Days to Freedom


Get your online business running without you in as little as 90 days.  

Or maybe just be in the position to take an unplugged, switched off holiday, confident that your business isn't going to collapse without you.

With my support, in 90 days your business can:

  • be 'wowing' your clients

  • be leaner- only using the tech, tools, automation that you REALLY need

  • be focused on making more profit- to go in your pocket- NOT on more expenses

  • have a team working in their zone of genius, able to make decisions and doing so efficiently

  • working towards your greater vision

  • run without you- freeing you up to work on something new- or take a switched off holiday. 

The 90 days to Freedom program is bespoke to your business - these are just some of the results that we can get!

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- Strategic Planning Session

- Full Systems Audit

- Full 90-day plan for Implementation

There are two ways we can take this further- depending on the current size of your team:

1.  done with you- where you implement with my support

2. Done with you/for you hybrid: where I work with you and I lead the implementation with your team

Take your first step: just like Rossanna

Let's get started

Access to 90 days to Freedom is strictly application only and I am very selective with the businesses I work with. 


Investment starts at $4,000 for the 90 days (depending on the size of your business).

Once our 90 days together is complete, we can discuss ongoing retainer packages with myself and my team. 


Next Steps: 

1. Book a free, no-obligation sales consult

2. Complete the application form you will be redirected to. 


N.B this is not an interview process. I always work in the interests of the business- therefore I will let you know if this is a good fit for us both. 


As I am UK based, I work predominantly with businesses in the UK, Europe and EST timezones. 

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